You can 3 star it at 60K ish, first time I cleared it was 61, and was shocked it was 3 stars been trying a bit harder than that though and have 75, with 2 birds so far, but still playing, I like this level, its tricky, but do-able and fun: First try with success, thanks rdnzlrips82! You have an amazing eye for details, rd!! You can check my scores , if you want. This glitch has since been fixed and thus is no longer possible. Or worse, people use my strats to beat my scores. I hope this comment finds you doing well.

It doesnt happen every time, but when it does it is very helpful, and funny ;. But the fun part is watching the small pig get launched upward into the balloon-supported pig! You want to activate him a little before the structure so he goes through the gap at a downward angle. Me too, post as many versions as you like, its always interesting to see different ways to do it! I must have done this for a challenge, back in may,my score is above,so just gonna keep it.. Tried many times to get left hatted pig to explode by barely tapping him and got just one very weak explosion that knocked the bird backwards but did no tree damage.

Was rather pleased wiv myself when I cleared this level on the 5th go this morning, even more shocked when I saw that I got 3 stars for that first clearance! I can see why you asked the question, just took another look at the vid above and even though I know whats caused it, I cant see the pig go off at all, but thats what happens, trust me: Though there wasnt much left standing except the right tree trunk and the snow on the other side when I got my highest so far.

I have 68k, but should have got above 70k, although I messed up that 3rd shot a couple of times! If the top pig remains, split the Blue bird through the snow blocks supporting it. I love improving like that — it makes up for all the finger cramps: I also hit 62 raw with the top stubborn pig surviving his roll, that would have been 77 so I know more points are there.


Ive managed to clear it, once, but only got one star with a score of 41, If done correctly, this should clear all presents, get all but three leftmost pigs and end up with a score between k. The trigger was the Santa Hat atop the small pig on the left. Actually kathy I came back when bernersenn was hitting it to verify my method and I got 74 with e-star video.

Im still at 75, greeedings lvl 21, but Im still playing it just because its a fun level: I have an iphone and I have had big explosions from the one under the tree, the one on the right of the first tree trunk, not the one on the left btw trouble is when I do, I usually screw up the next, or the last bird and stxrs finish the level! Habanero is the bomb: Try this TMH Take the first bird sharply up and down diagonally cutting through the snow just under the two concrete blocks.

Hi Kathy… Glad that my old SG grefdings has stood the test of time and given you a cool score… but no idea what I did now for any of these SG levels as soooo long ago… my highlight of SG, the only thing I do seasnos clearly, was being one of the first few, but not the first, to gain the virtually impossible Eagle feather for SG, before Rovio lowered the threshold… this drove a lot of flingers insane but I enjoyed the challenge of removing I guess what I am trying to say is, you are welcome.

Thank you Birdman for posting your Alternate Strategy.

The stones fall and take out the rest of snow on the left hand side and the bottom left pig. Or worse, people use my strats to beat my scores. All birds will fall onto right pig,hopefully getting your score between k. Level 21 is a lovely fun level: Keep at it and your reward will be great!! Very tough, but getting the right trajectory and release timing is crucial.

You were dead right with your strategy posted on for Here is my video seasns go along with your words!

The pig in the Santa hat to the right of the first tree base explodes! If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. This should make the tnt fall down and explode. I mentioned it cryptically when talking about getting the topmost pig sometimes on the first shot. Went from 60K to 71K. It took me weeks, but I finally cleared it with three stars using your method.


Fire the next Yellow bird low, through the small pig and present, continuing onward to drop the pig on the far right. Great description as always my friend! This causes everything to tumble left, taking out the remaining pigs.

Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

It just went off long after my bird had finished breaking stuff, nothing touched it so it must have been rolling over prior to going boom. I just 3 starred it with 49, on the 8 or 9th attempt, definately the way to go, if the walkthrough is much different I will be surpised, but there is the exploding pig I thought I hit earleir today, so maybe there is seawons much better way, but yours got me past todays, thanks: Seasosn have got 3 stars today if it hadnt been for your tips!!

Yes I got the TnT on shot one. I couldnt get above 1 star without the walkthrough for The walkthrough is up here.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-21

I love the multiple videos. You have an amazing eye for details, rd!! As the levels 7 and 18, there is a hidden bomb in the bottom. Ive never managed to hook up a clear run with the bomb going off, every time it has I have messed up the last shot and failed the level, would love freedings know how much it would add to my 54, if I could get it to work and clear the level! This drops the top part of the tree and the dynamite takes out the top pig.