My Mad Fat Diary Series JP and Binky’s relationship meets an obstacle when Julius goes on Binky’s girls camping trip, while all is not as it seems between Francis and Olivia. The Lens Series 1. Better bookmark this one because you’ll probably be back One Born Every Minute Series Kick Ass Critters 4Music. Channel 4 10pm New:

Cheska and Fran head back to Chelsea. What does he do as a real-life job? Trick of the Mind Series Alex is unsure what to do, but Jamie wastes no time in telling him what his course of action should be. The rocky relationship between Alex and Nicola takes a turn for the worse when ex-girlfriend Binky gets involved. It’s Christmas and our Lost Bois throw the ultimate festive party. After his confession of love, the clock is ticking for Binky to give JP her answer. Oh and obvs we grilled her on the other Made In Chelsea lot too because we want to know everything.

Do the dazzling Made In Chelsea cast have regrets about their late adolescent years? So, to fill the time in between episodes and to nade context to the chaos that is televised life in SW3, here is your complete guide to Made In Chelsea – the cast, latest news, 4OD episode recaps, interviews, the lot.

One Born Every Minute Series Blue Eyes Series 1. Oh and obvs we grilled her on the other Made In Chelsea lot too because we want to know everything. Snapchat username louisethompson Note: When Hugo was dating Millie Mackintosh in the show, mave hooked up with her best friend Rosie. Binky is in turmoil as ex-boyfriend JP begins to make overtures to win her back.

Snapchat username protsky Note: Cardinal Burns Series Louise fears that something may be developing between Binky and Jamie, and Rosie continues to vent her anger to Jules. Snapchat username VictoriaBH1 Note: Jamie’s love life is the talk of Chelsea and Lucy dhelsea pleased to hear about his involvement with her former intern Riley. Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls Series 1.


He is back with Millie Mack smoochin’ her on extravagant holiday’s and as much as we love her, he would definitely find a way to mention her eeeeevery 20 seconds. Rick Edwards grills the cast for their reactions to the drama and revelations of series Like, besides the fact that she’s for the most part BFFs with Binky and Louise, and can be relied upon to fill those awkward silences with whatever’s on her mind?

If you’re one of the few people who has plans on a Monday evening you can catch up with all the episodes including series one which is a real treat over on All 4.

Jessica Woodley fast became one of our favourite cast members in E4’s Made in Chelseaso you can imagine how devastated we were to hear that she was quitting the show still sobbing. Trouble is brewing for Alex as Nicola jets in from Ireland. This Is England 88 Series 1. Sam and Tiff’s latest, Lucy and Rosie’s showdown and Ollie Locke as never seen before Sexual references and strong language This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

The feuding Watson sisters are close to breaking point.

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Stevie has a huge decision to make after realising he still likes Stephanie. The Chelsea set are still reeling from the news that Spencer has started to date Ollie’s new girlfriend, and Binky in particular is not impressed.


Lucy would call us up on that time when we were 13 and lied to our science teacher about losing our homework. Binky struggles to come to terms with news of fresh infidelities from Alex, while her supportive friends encourage her to end the relationship with him for good.

Made In Chelsea: Latest News, The Cast, Episode Guide and Interviews

Binky is introduced to Ollie’s new girlfriend Emma. After years of friendship, the two found it difficult to transition to an actual relationship, so chwlsea to call it a day.

We caught up with girls to discuss all things music and to create the dream playlist that will cover EVERY occasion. Match Day Series 1. Frankie and Jamie hit another rocky patch, while the tension between Toff and Tiff comes to a head.

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Mde gives JP a crash course on childbirth, Julius tries to make amends with Ella, and Frankie and Jamie’s relationship is rocked by mutual infidelities Strong language and some scenes that have been created for your entertainment This episode is subtitled 47 mins. The eighth series in fact followed in October The Devil’s Whore Series 1.

Child Chelses Series Proudlock invites the band Peace to come and play a gig in honour of Louise’s birthday, but things are anything but peaceful Utopia Box Set Series