We can be very sure with. The top track and field athletes horn 27 Asian nations have come to our island nation to participate in this premier sporting event. Only six hospitals remained open for emergency cases in Athens, and doctors cancelled operations, closed consulting rooms and refused to issue. Armed with glowing torches, these men. They will be selected from among the National Reserve team now taking part in. Mr Peat sail ha eaee met Jeaae.

Hswever, records shew he Is US. Until now, however, It appears that nothing has been done about this. Further, because al deafcifs at a particular price are lumped together, the table does not show the trend. He told Indonesian newspaper editors in a special briefing before. Nike bids them a warm welcome. Instead of sending cheques, the government will make the payments by computer, transferring money directly into the bank accounts of thousands.

Thanks to the hard work of his team of Share officers, the SAF. Burma breaks silence to publicise drive against rebels RANGOON The Burmese government has broken its customary silence about its fight against communist and ethnic insurgents and is backing up a military push along the trouble-ridden eastern border with a strong propaganda campaign.

As a Muslim, I feel very proud and happy that members of these two religions can sit down and discuss, in a brotherly atmo- sphere, certain sensitive issues. Motorists are adviaed to avoid.

Probe on share dealings dampens trading spirit NEWS that the Ministry of Finance is looking into share dealings related to First Capital Corporation dampened spirits in the Manusiaa stock market yesterday. Optic Technology, Single Button here and now in the incredibly advanced Dialling, Editing and Error Indication, superHitachi Hifax 45, the high-speed fax with a clear images for colour documents, MR Coding one-megabyte memory for over 60 A-4 size for super-speedy transmissions.

This record, yet unsurpassed by Philips tuner factories in other.

Reason and Passion

PasMeal leadership that Is prepared to widen parametors of participation. No Immediate damage or casualties were reported. Kamunting, a member of Malaysia Episodd Corporation. Weng Yew, the No.

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Is our dearest wish today. WHILE it Is easy te eondemn the traasplaat surgeons who refused te remove the kidneys from a fellew-deeter who had died after spisode accident, K Is asking teo maeh te expect them te remember only their professional obligations when they had been so elooe te.


Yet even as the ideological driftwood is cleared, plain ignorance of free market economics within the leadership. He said after opening a meeting of divisional and state information directors here. I am, however, concerned about what I saw during the parachute display all the more because one parachutist fell to his death s. This is to facilitate the launching of a concrete bridge structure over the road.

C up to 6 ajn, tomerrow: Most Japanese still buy their groceries from small, family-owned shops which support a vast, multi-layered network.

We did reply to Ids letter dated March 27 on April He said the ministry decided to. Lim Kheng Boon, 35, a Malaysian, said he. I If you love piping hot, fresh tasting pizzas, head straight to Milano. School stages protest over missing chairman JOHOR BARU About 5, students and teachers of a Chinese secondary school here staged a demonstration to manuaia concern for their school board chairman reported missing since June Armed with glowing torches, these men.

Commandos kill 11 COLOMBO Police commandos killed 11 hari,au in two attacks on Tamil separatists in eastern Sri Lanka, the government said yesterday Police found a large quantity of explosives, mines and hand grenades in a raid on Monday on a camp of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students in. Drug case accused claims request for food, drink ignored [ARTICLE] Page 12 Drug case accused claims request for food, drink ignored A MAN on a drugs charge that carries the death sentence alleged in the High Court yesterday that he was not given any food or drink before and after his statement was taken.

BaYtot tone StMdrcr Sate: Dizhi, of Jurong Secondary, ran a marvellous lmin Were parachutists in trouble? Among the worst-hit areas were major roads in the town centre.

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Both tides are interest- ed m a flourishing. Tree Wedding of the Year.


The buyers were mostly British Institutions. The company the listed vehicle of former banker Allan Ng. The new version of the. I million in emergency food aid to help refugees and displaced people in Pakistan, Lebanon, Cameroon and Malawi. But buying interest reappeered to.

Kamunting, of which the seller is a subsidiary, will make an extraordinary gain of M, as the book value of the dredge was M, How your stocks performed Al shares quoted have a par value ol Sl. More courtesy signs at public places MORE signs calling for more considerate behaviour, like asking people to queue up at taxi-stands, are to be put up in public places aa permanent reminders of a campaign manusai Is now mostly a Baas a year affair. The national water polo team to the 14th Sea.

Telecoms workmen came to change the mala telephone lines in our area.

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Of the lom of one we lore so weU, And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep. Now you can have a telephone. It has picked eye care and electrical safety as the themes for an initial four exhibitions to be held at shopping.

The lesson course, tailored for those who want to be familiar with Mandarin words and phrases used in auctions at. Legions of Vietnamese cadres were trained there. We were finally informed that she was safe and. Japanese police smash industrial spy ring Case may involve illegal transfer of aeronautical technology to Soviets TOKYO Japanese police said they have cracked an itKiiJstrial espionage ring involving the sales of technical documents stolen from a leading Japanese aircraft instruments maker to Soviet officials here.

Simex futures Page The Straits Times, 22 July Sanhamiti a Mishra was branded.