He won’t get it. I’m coming from there itself. Stop looking at me. But you’ve spoken about it at home haven’t you? In short, If you love a girl, why don’t you propose her? So what do I do about it?

Tell him that I know what to do. That’s why I’m letting you be. Don’t worry, he has a plan. Just by having the name Dhiru, you won’t get.. Ask him not to disturb me. The Times of India. Pay it right now! Written by Sonia Mehta.

And look at us, we’re still single. Don’t worry, he has a plan.

It’s time for business. That’s why I’m letting you be.

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Hey, you want to mess with me? Do Gujarati’s need to be taught anything about Business Fundamentals? And what about me? My dad makes good money. Why are you joking with me aunty? Oh, not right now. He will fool the entire town so obviously.


Aapne to dhirubhai () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Ok, but I don’t deal in used vehicles. Dhiru, a fine man? One dollar equals 60 Indian rupees.

Full Cast and Crew. Run buddy, or we are done for.

Aapne To Dhirubhai Movie Review

Can you see with those sunglasses on? Will you have lunch son?

Business has begun for the day but what next? All Bombay Times print stories are available on. So that you can remove some time out of your business.

Bollywood Remake Of A Gujarati Film | Aapne To Dhirubhai

At least you’ll start earning. Had he got married at the right age he’d have a baby by now.

Hey, Dhiru was not born to lose. He needs a little I dhifubhai not support his business venture. I have decided, I’ll start a super store.

Dhiru, why are you so mobie It is not written that a man who fails once cannot succeed. Uncle, I’ve got the money. Our mother’s go to the same temple very morning. Who is thrashing the Tabla so loud? Ok, I’ll listen to what you say. What should we do? One day, someone dares him in front of his crush to become richer than Dhirubhai and he ends up accepting the challenge.