Sadik Kwaish Alfraji is part of ‘Moving Stories: His works have been translated from Arabic into more than 20 languages. In the mid nineties, he authored the Sudanese Encyclopedia of Tribes and Genealogies, a pioneer, state of the art series of books for the different Sudanese tribes, their roots and origins. This made very proud! He has been teaching since at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he now resides. He is known for playing Dr.

Originally trained as a geologist, he has worked as a librarian, painter, chef, curator, journalist and translator. Azzam will present work from his highly acclaimed Syrian Museum series. Normal working hours resume from 3 August. She founded Hassala Productions to assist upcoming filmmakers to help ensure their independence. Thank you for educating us about such impressive Sudanese individuals, I aspire to be on such a list someday inshaAllah. Helal will emphasise how different combinations can add texture, depth, volume, or dimension to a work of art, structuring the surface of a painting or sculpture. On Thursday 23 July at 6.

In Januaryhe was awarded the second honorary doctorate in music and arts from Sudan University.

She has produced a host of short, documentary and feature films. We are part of Alserkal Lates, a guided galleries tour programme every Wednesdays from 8pm to 11pm.

She teaches film management and international audiovisual analysis at some of the major universities in Italy for postgraduate students and has published books on the same subjects. Please let me know. Having studied both western and Arab literature, philosophy, and society, Salih intermingles aspects of both cultures in his works.

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Rashed Al Shashai is contributing to the 19th edition of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival with a newly commissioned installation titled ‘Reversed Symmetry’.

The selected works for the exhibition shed light on a range of technologies of conflict, where conflict is defined in the wider sense of the word. She just got back from covering the World Cup! Walid El Masri participates in “Syria: An-Naim is originally from Sudan, where he was greatly influenced by the Islamic reform movement of Mahmoud Mohamed Taha, but is also an American citizen.


I would like to mention Dr.

Thanks for the great suggestion. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Thank you for your positive spirit which made me different from today. Athier will be part of the inaugural, six-week long program at the Beirut Dhabu Residency, an artist-run interdisciplinary space to open in September Using his experience as a former bodyguard of President Arafat of the PLO, Jarrar trained the volunteers to march in military formation through the streets of Helsinki.

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His first business endeavor inwas a shrimp fishing company in Kuwait rapidly developed into the largest shrimp fishing business in the Arabian gulf was followed by a string of successful investments and businesses across the globe including and not limited to: The photography and video art exhibition examines the Mediterranean area, interpreted not only geographically but as a cultural basin that unites different civilizations.

The Biennial programmes address the impact that creative action can have on climate change policies and activism, as reflected through the work of artists, scholars, and environmental thinkers.

President of Future University-Sudan www. After facing employment discrimination in due to her decision to wear the Islamic headscarf, Riham worked with the U. Very well written, quite informative and definitely delivered its purpose. Curated by Sanaa Almajedi at the School of Visual Arts New York City, the exhibition explores the influence of geometric abstraction in Islamic art, particularly how it developed in North Africa and West Asia, on experimental artists from the Arab world.


Throughout JanuarySama Alshaibi is featured in the online exhibition ‘Subversion’. Were are the plititions Not all of them, but the good ones.

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One of the best-known Arabic novelists of the 20th Century, Salih spent much of his working life in Europe. Please do come back with suggestions. Sama Alshaibi dhabo two artist grants for forthcoming project ‘Carry Over’. Making us Sudanese proud. This marks the first time the Syrian artist’s work is displayed at the gallery.

His entry is an insult to the others on your list.

Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar will be exhibiting in ‘Here and Elsewhere’, a major exhibition organised by New York City’s New Museum, featuring contemporary art from and about the Arab world. From 10 May – 15 JuneTammam Azzam will be participating in an outdoor group photography exhibition drsma place at the Hague, Netherlands, with plans for the exhibition to travel to Belgium and Paris soon after.

His acclaimed documentary Rouge Parole about freedom siab expression is an emotionally told story about the Tunisian revolution. Ayyam Gallery London is pleased to invite you to a special gallery evening with a private tour by British-Iraqi artist Athier of the current exhibition ‘Improbable Possiblities’, followed by a talk with art consultant and curator Cedric Bardawil, on Wednesday, 22 October from 6.

Sama Alshaibi will conduct a brief US lecture tour this month. The panel discussion will take place on 18 May at 6: