Use the HTML below. They are native to the Nyae Nyae region and are one of the most striking features of its landscapes. Otherwise we cannot make any guarantees One idea is to invite tour companies and tour guides who often travel through the area to the afformentioned event. Record a video Upload a video. There are only few trees in the world that can get as big as baobab trees.

This is where things become a tiny bit more academic, but bear with us or just trust us that this is great and skip to the next section: Local people are already shooting footage. The wall of fame will be one side of the building which we dedicate to all our supporters. Sometimes, all a daring dream needs in order to turn into a reality is a physical space where it can happen. Most effective video length: This would allow for a more open and engaged relationship between the tour companies and the community which would in turn contribute to tourists gaining a deeper and more engaged understanding of the area and thus a more satisfying and productive experience for both tourists and local tourism providers.

You need to enable JavaScript to use FundRazr. Now that John has passed away, Leon wants to build on and go beyond what he has started. Widget style x badge x badge x badge Small badge Tall badge Wide badge. If they want to stay in the circus business they have to make up an exotic act.

So how will your support help? Now, if you are really serious about supporting us, you can opt for our most expensive ‘perk’. To set your password, please follow the link we sent to. The people in Nyae Nyae are at a significant point in their history. The Nyae Nyae Conservancy has a longstanding relationship with film. We need to build a house!

High-Speed internet will without doubt have a significant impact on the area. Be kept in the loop about everything that happens and be involved in some of the decisions we make. Posted by Patricia Anderson at 8: Filmmaker has his style and fashion of making this film. Have a look at this message from Adrian Strong.


put a face to it:

BiographyDrama 11 October Hungary. Watch our trailer of trailers. Please provide a valid message characters maximum. We are collaborating with local musician Jackie in order to help him train more San kids to play instruments and encourage them to stay in school. Search for ” Aglaja ” on Amazon.

Germany Girl – Aglaja Elli , She lives in Frankfurt , German. Germany

Firstly, all of agaja perks come with access to the media we are producing because that is really the point of what we are doing here. Add pictures now You can add videos, too. The existing video will be replaced. Record a video Upload a video.

However, CEDU is about more than that. On the one side they have to battle the issues impoverished and socially marginalised communities have to face all over Africa all over the world really.

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They have been onpine subjects of films, social research and touristic enterprises for aglajz 50 years. Feel free to only read the sections you’re interested in or only watch the videos that are interspersed ; put a face to it: You get a certificate for this and will also be included on the wall of fame and the newsletter.

Becoming a member of the inside noline of CEDU basically means you will be kept up to date with any developments before we go public with them and, if you chose so, have the option to become a board member which means you will be part via email or skype of decision making processes and we will seek out your opinion. However, thus far no media has been created by the people themselves.


Most film makers come to the area, shoot a film and then take it back out. This room will be in the centre of the house where it is most protected from the sand and heat. We can make the bracelet according to your size requirements and colour choices. An office is needed to coordinate different events and workshops to be held by the site and all other administrative such as online public work, maintenance of newsetters for supporters etc.

Delete this item from the media gallery? You can preview or redo your video before you post it. Tell us about the problem. Why should I stand up and lie to myself and say I am wearing skins? If this is not an ethically sound Christmas gift, we don’t know what is.

One problem in the area is that while there are many organisations onlins projects available for the San people, very few people actually know how to utilise those opportunities because communication between stakeholders and between stakeholders and local people is lacking. Otherwise we cannot make any guarantees Platform for exchanging ideas, film festival.

Germany Girl – Aglaja Elli

Plans for Media Literacy training are already being designed. The role of the San aylaja is in most cases just to put on their traditional clothes, do as the producers tell them and receive a few dollar as pay whilst not knowing what happens to footage that has been taken of them.

A small room with a permanently installed editing machine.