So her having her own program became this huge thing, I think, in the AKB community. Thank God it got a rebirth of sorts later on. Sashiko no Kuseni Before I even get into this one, can you imagine if Milky had a show like this one? T I was crying when I saw this! And hell, even the ending of the show was incredibly authentic, as there was this ending dance marathon while the credits rolled, and any of the girls who were on the program were allowed to take turns just dancing to a song. She forgot about this word later and miraculously understood that Minegishi had lost her phone. So please note this list is more about what worked for me the best when it came to converting me into a lifelong fan of AKB.

The main site to check out is: All three were on full display here in these first few seasons! Mainichi Shimbun Digital Co. Her first solo gravure under the contract was published on November 9, However, Kaotan gave it right back to Okubo, and that is pure variety gold. Tani and Matsumura are again put to the test during the Ebi-Calcio! Enjoy my friend, and please share more about your love for AKB here with me when you get the chance! If I remember right, there are a few where the love stuff is discussed.

She triple confirmed this statement, drawing laughter from everyone. Did not sing on title track. The scandal lay in the fact that Sayaka starred in the AKB48 musical, leading many to speculate whether she landed the part in an honest manner. After Ayaka Umeda another AKB48 memberwho at the time was Akimoto’s roommate, left the house the next day, Akimoto and Odjo were seen coming out of the apartment, albeit separately.


She also does it herself.

AtsuHaru: [Vietsub] AKB48 – Sanjou – Team A

On June 26,Akimoto was appointed as the Goodwill Philippine Tourism Ambassador in order to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination in Japan. And that includes entertainment. T I was crying when I saw this! Love your top three! Retrieved from ” https: Sorry for the late response.

Let me spoil no more! Sasshi is probably one of my all-time favs in AKB.

On the reason why she dared to go as far as shaving head to stay in the showbiz, she explained: Blog Statshits. Those two I could watch talk for hours.

Then you can find most of the episodes, I believe. Especially since by the end of that first season, it was an all out rag-fest on Murashige, which has since become kind of a tradition for poor Anyan on every variety show where she opens her mouth for even three seconds to get picked on.

Also in the heart felt section, we have Kuramochi Asuka telling us about her sad side. I swear she could actually be a real host and nobody would know any better!

I even ended odjo liking a lot more of their happier songs than I ever thought possible. On January 9,she was being selected as one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Competition.

Regarding her future, she said: Leave this field empty. I am very happy that our dream came true.

[130816] AKB Kousagi Dojo

However, Kaotan kousgi it right back to Okubo, and that is pure variety gold. It helps if you know Japanese for this one, especially since a lot of the jokes you really have to understand Japanese culture to probably get.


Mainly, Minegishi Minami and Terry Ito made great co-hosts together, and both played off each other very well when it came to one being serious and the other not so serious.

They will adopt the AKB48’s concept of “idols you can meet and greet” and be able to perform in their own theatre. However inshe ran the Tokyo Marathon for the second year in a row and donated the money to the Philippines. Also we have an heartfelt section by Kitahara Rie!

She was being chosen for senbatsu again in Shoot Sign and Negaigoto no Mochigusareboth of two singles episodee was featured as media senbatsu for the first time. This is where we get the members bad mouthing each other always a great part of any AKB showthen trying to bash each other off planks until one of them hit the water.

I would also say that Meru-Chan did as well, and Haruppi. I think this is one dojl the key components to their success-the fact that they push out so much content for all the wotas to obsess over and love.

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She also has a younger brother, who is older than Orin. She also announced that she would step down as the captain of Team K. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.