Retrieved from ” https: When Roly surprises Duggee, Duggee jumps and drops his cup, which shatters into pieces. Duggee has lost his voice, and the Squirrels want to help him feel better. When the Octopod goes in for repairs, the Octonauts have a holiday. N likes to say no – but he meets his match when the dog, the cat and the pig won’t help him make his bread. Bright green , blue and purple with white stars and dark green pointed shoes. He is the busiest letter in the alphabet.

The Squirrels think water is limitless, and they explain where they think it comes from. She has a plaster Band-Aid on her cheek and apples keep falling on her head. He then had the power to make compound words – putting two words together into one. Justin Fletcher reads a story about a little girl who is just like me and just like you. The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. He decides he would like to try it too. Numberblocks — Series 2 , Blast Off Find out which pairs of numbers add together to make ten with the Numberblocks. The Olobobs create Scooper Dooper to finish it.

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Duggee’s biscuit tin collection inspires the Squirrels to start their own collections. Cook and Line try to learn some pirate knot-tying but soon end up in a complete tangle.

Sometimes he fights with her because the hard C makes the same sound as K. Pablo doesn’t want a haircut, so he draws a picture and enters the Art World.


Alphablocks Season 4 Episode 8 Outlaw

She looks like a penguinbut thinks she is a jay bird. See how many words you can spell with the Something Special — We’re All Friends: When the Octopod goes in for repairs, the Octonauts have a holiday. There is an unusual smell in the house that Pablo finds very distracting.

Tig is excited to be going to a new big school but has a few small worries too. Red and white with blue stars. Numberblocks — Series 1Hide and Seek Five is so good at hide-and-seek she can find the others without looking up from her book.


Her singing can be too loud sometimes but the Alphablocks really like her singing. Pablo — Series 1Facts and Mistakes Pablo makes a mistake in his drawing and colours in his shorts the wrong colour.

He learns that a good night’s sleep is important. Pablo is scared by a picture in a cafe, but decides it’s okay to be a zlphablocks cat. L is for love.

He has the same look as Magic E, but he does not wear a top hat. She loves to sing songs with her ‘luh-luh-luh’ sound. When Peter promises to find the mice a new home, locating one proves to be an adventure. Phonics – Learn to Read Words that Rhyme!

Alphablocks is a British CGI-animated children’s educational television programme that is designed to teach children how to spell with the use of animated blocks representing ouutlaw letter. Redwhiteblueorangegreenand yellow.


Alphablocks Season 4 Episode 8 Outlaw

Swashbuckle — Series 5Mini Cook and Line Cook and Line are fed up with doing all the work so they start their own mini pirate crew. Sarah and Duck discover an amazing skating rink inside a giant snowball!

Five and friends set off on a rhyming romp through field and forest. Numberblocks — Series 1How to Count It is a lovely day for a picnic, but one of the flapjacks is missing! She looks like a pirate reflecting the stereotypical “arrrrrr” pirate exclamationand she has a tomboy personality. Peter Rabbit — Series 2The Tale of the New Hideout The rabbits are forced out of their secret treehouse and must find a new hideout.

Numberblocks — Series 1Stampolines Three oulaw a stampoline park, where her friends have splatty fun making inky prints. She wears goggles and makes cracks in the ground.

Soon Neep gets a go too, and his photos are really special. The Numberblocks perform a song and dance all about the parts that make a whole. CBeebies Bedtime Stories A different story read each night just before bedtime. He says “t, t” when he is out of tea.