Please R and R. Dapatkah mereka mencegah apapun yang akan terjadi? He’s got lots of things going for him, but nobody knows the pain that he hides. In said tutorial you’ll find Linux-style paths but there’s no need to worry.: How would the story turn out if one day, Monkey D. Emperor of Blades by ZuttoAragi reviews Blades.

She has her secrets too. Coming from the Sky! Is it still me? Jelsa, Hiccstrid, Kristanna, whatever the hell Rapunzel and Eugene is called and some other pairings that will remain a secret for now. Luffy and Law’s Great Escape. His Name is Moria! Now faced with a desperate situation, Gintoki and Tsukuyo have no choice but to go rescue their child… Gintsu Gintama – Rated: Everything is dark and drastic, with no hopes for much in life.

The truth is revealed! Breaking Into Rain Dinners.

Welcome to The College at Brockport

Set after Benizakura arc. The Going Merry is Recovered. T to be safe. The New Cute Supervisor by Kitsune of Psychosis reviews Join Kagome as she accidently and unknowingly romances the inmates and her coworkers at Nanbaka prision all while trying to face her own demons. The Great Chaos Mansion! Blessed by a deity, a small child’s course in life is changed for ever.


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Di dunia para dewa. Dan Kuroko dan yang lainnya harus berjuang melawan kerasnya akhir dunia demi bisa bertahan hidup. To the End of the Rainbow. Be Forever Yorozuya spoilers.

The Secret of Dressrosa. Lalu sosok itu datang. I know this idea might be cliche but I had fun writing this. Beyond the Snow that Falls on the Ocean!

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If he can’t save Shoyou, he ohe protect the country Shoyou loved so much. He is an enemy of the invaders. As he arrived in a whole new surrounding, will he keep on fighting piecee survival, or will he be granted a new reason for living, for fighting? Hinata ingin terus berjuang dan di sisi lain ia ingin menyerah.

When the game for SAO finally comes out, he decides to cerota along his little siblings, but Kayaba announces SAO as a death game, Goro under the name Nexus must fight in order to protect those who he loves in this dangerous game. Sanji – Part 2. Elsa is the shy girl, the one who would get straight A’s, even if she did find some friends to spend all day with.


But when the two are assigned with a few other friends to put on A Midsummer Nights Dream, what is it going to take to get these two to work together? What will happen then?

A Jelsa One-Shot story. Also if you have any requests, like prompts, feel free to message me. Now there’s a glowing box above her head calling her the Gamer and she can’t swim anymore. Eve of Gold Festival!

Frost Bitten of Love by Rose. It was made out of ice. The Bliking and Wapol the Blik.

Tetapi, yang paling penting adalah Decisive Battle in the Ryugu Palace! The Most Violent Fighter! Swearing and aged up.