Also one of the smartest! Hookipa in slow motion video January 9, Below The Surface: The main characters are shown as heroes investing all their own capabilities just in the sport. Because you see great Images all the time. From the very beginning you decide to publicly share the news about the cancer. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Main Star is Victor. Average price, great action, pictures and interesting facts. He download Songs on Put on IPod. For many it hit with a deep pang But I want that the people care for my movie. A great movie, paying homage to the late Andre Paskowski…http:

Main Star is Victor. Being both ansre windsurfer and a kiteboarder, Marc feels that the secret of the success of his productions is to put passion into everything he does. Has reached millions of people on national TV and has tons of money from a sponsor.

Translation Traduzione automatica effettuata da Google. From the very beginning you decide to publicly share the news about the cancer. Andre, you will be missed by many.

Magic Moments – A short film by Andre Paskowski | Continentseven

For me you are and always be a championa champion of life I big hug with love and tears from your dear friend! I will really miss you. Below the Surface is the next step of our production of films. For my account it might be better to do a Movie for Mass Market.

The whole windsurfing world anxre in shock and will miss you!

RIP Andre Paskowski

A friend of me Sailed around an island on a freeride board. I see commercials of Windsurfers nowadays were the main Target is to reach as much people as possible. But I want to travel the world with my girlfriend. It is our new Movie. People who have seen my films know that I try pictures details.


What is your target audience? The recent news about his new video project got as opportunity for a new interview with this German rider who is driving his windsurf experience to new limits out of the sport: Cookies help us deliver our services. We try to make each Movie beautiful enough, that people without Windsurf Background can enjoy it.

You must be logged in to post a comment. There are exceptions but often action sports movies are mostly focused on tech and moves. Where ever you are please take good care of us specially your mom and dad that are now alone!

The recent news of his psskowski video project has given us the opportunity for a new interview with German rider who is leading his windsurfing experience to new limits as well as the sport: I am in Hamburg. The Bad side is that my health is getting even worse and it looks paskows,i the Cancer is unstoppable.

Andre took to social media to say goodbye, and many are already sharing their heartfelt condolences on here too:.

The main characters are represented by heroes who invest all their abilities only in the sport. First of all, how are you? This new project will follow this direction?

If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. He waits the DVD, he puts it in, he sits back and eats Chips he loves and likes. These two styles are targeted to different audiences? His life, his past, his passion, but we have 4 other great riders in addition: I will train and I will do all possible treatments to allow me to spend some wonderful time with my girlfriend.


I will train and do all possible Treatments to allow me a wonderful time with my girlfriend. It will combine thinks.

Gain power, air and motivation. Anrde started to bleed internally and had to undergo an operation very urgently. Without her who knows what happen to me.

The heartbreaking “Magic Moments” of Andre Paskowski

In your last 2 movies about yourself and Gollito beside the sport action you wanted paskwski reveal some humanity and real life pieces. But i want to travel around the world with my girlfriend. In your latest 2 movies about you and Gollito next to sports action they wanted to reveal some aspects of humanity and bits of real life.

By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. We have great great images and action. There are 0 comments. A friend sailed around an island on a freeride Board. I am gain in strength, breath and motivation. We love you Andre and you will be always with us.