On October 2, , Disney Channel officially renewed A. When Lexi tries to stop him from being a Garcon fan, she reads the comic and gets addicted to it. Meanwhile, Fletcher befriends Chyna’s dad to see if he has a possibility with Chyna, but Cameron gets jealous. After the dance, Chyna tries to go back to the future but the time machine breaks and Chyna is trapped in the s. During the school musical auditions, Chyna sings horribly and gives an impassioned speech to Mr. Chyna and Olive make an effort to be more involved with their school’s extracurricular activities and try out for the cheerleading squad, run by Lexi and Paisley.

When Nigel asks Chyna on a rollerskating date, Fletcher gets jealous and tries to sabotage their outing. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that Gibson has been living at the school and offers to let him stay in his family’s living room. He tells Fletcher that he is going after Chyna now, but Fletcher is no longer interested in her. Olive becomes the new history teacher after the previous one quits due to Chyna unintentionally upsetting him. Retrieved from ” https: Farm to look at Fletcher’s work. Shelley Long as Mrs.

In the end, Olive tricks both of them so that she can go out with him. Scants, Angus meets a royal family and Lexi helps him prepare.

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When a music producer calls asking to speak to Chyna’s management, Cameron assumes the role as her manager. Austin North as Holland.

Also, at the end, Zoltan reveals that the “kids” are baby goats also called episodee living in cramped apartments. It turns out she was imaginary, as Cameron hallucinated her because he could not face the fact that no one would go to the dance with him.

Lexi ends up as the one who gets humiliated, but after both performances, Chyna tells Lexi that there is enough spotlight for both of them. Olive and Fletcher start dating, but farrm it a secret from Chyna by pretending to dislike each other as usual. Pxrt Cameron finds out that Angus was just fixing her computer.


At one of Roxanne’s birthday parties, Fletcher recognizes the facepainter as the famous artist, Zanko, and finds that he has fallen on hard times.

Retrieved June 20, Season 1 Episode 4. A Star Is Born 4.

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Retrieved October 30, She then decides to fire Gibson in order to fund the temperature initiative. They both tell everyone to vote for the other candidate. Later on, it is revealed that Darlene has been sabotaging Trifecta because Syerra and Laurin fired her for being way too aggressive.

When Nigel asks Chyna on a rollerskating date, Fletcher gets jealous and tries to sabotage their outing. Instead, Fletcher feeds it Seth’s duck and later learns that it had been taught to speak. Olive then later reveals it, after Chyna tries to ajt Fletcher and Olive to get along, which shocks both Chyna and Angus. Meanwhile, Gibson coaches the cheerleading team because Coach Mandy died, but Lexi wants to win an upcoming cheerleading contest and thinks he is a bad coach.

T Farm Episode Guide”. Elsewhere, Lexi is devastated when everyone stops paying attention faif her and instead pay attention to fwir morning announcements that Cameron hosts. Susan Skidmore Chris Wylde Chyna is excited about far relationship, while Angus is jealous. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Zendaya as Sequoia Guest stars: Retrieved June 27, Chyna agrees to help watch zoology ANT Seth’s animals while he is out of town. He sells his company to an unknown business which they find out is Hashimoto’s company. After the dance, Chyna tries to go back to the future but the time machine breaks and Chyna padt trapped in the s.

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Chyna is crushing on a cute new A. Chyna neglects her studies when she becomes obsessed with a TV show. Lexi then pretends to be Chyna’s friend to steal her song and humiliate her on the show, but Chyna overhears Lexi telling Paisley her plan and gives Lexi a fake song, costume design and props to use for the show. Retrieved June 10, All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Webarchive template wayback links Annt maint: Meanwhile, after Olive has finished reading the entire library and internet, Fletcher gives her a psrt teaser which she cannot solve.


Edit Storyline Chyna stays up all night watching a show instead of studying for a test, but gets a good grade anyway. So Chyna decides to go with him to the dance in Chyna accidentally convinces her father, Darryl, to quit his job after he tells her much he hates anf. After flipping out on her squad, she gets sentenced to an anger management class.

Hollywood Center Studios – N. Program from the United Kingdom named Nigel, another artistic genius who goes to Webster High not in person but as a robot. When Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, Lexi tries to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who does not want Chyna to fall for the leading man, Jared.

Eventually they end up on the turbine of the windmill; Chyna rescues episodr by slipping through the bars covered in fish oil to slip through and flip the switch to stop it. July 1, Chyna is skeptical when she fails to study for a science test but gets an A, so she experiments by doing poorly on her science project to see what happens; and Cameron and Lexi hope to get a reward when they find Principal Skidmore’s cell phone. Good Luck Charlie, Vol.