I guess his problem with going against Fate and Destiny isn’t as important as someone saving him and sacrificing their life for him. If you put aside the handling of Zessica which is admittedly a lot to put aside , there’s an awful lot to like here. If he is Apollo, Amata is Apollo. As if the promise was the only thing which mattered, and no love could contradict it. I was pretty excited for this episode and when I watched it I was like errrrr If they want to follow the theme of fighting fate then this direction makes no sense in that regard, and its not helped when it has been slammed in our faces that everything is following fate: XD Am I the only one annoyed at the way Mikono was objectified.

I still don’t get it why Mikono feels obligated to apologize to Kagura only? She can do a hell of a lot better than him. That’s basically it folks. And I didn’t see anything wrong with Mikono’s character in this episode Basically it’s already for me boring to look at how two obsessed guys fight for a girl who does nothing. What I originally thought, but Mykages statement in 21 wouldn’t make sense as shes “human”. He wants to make a baby but apparantly even though Amata is just a stupid dog now it puts into question why he doesn’t just do it with the Solar Aquarion and why he needs Amata for that. Essentially a “normal” person except for the wings.

To put it simply, fate or no fate, he loves Mikono because she’s Mikono and not because she’s animesukii reincarnation of Sylphie. Indeed, those two were handled horribly.

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Who would have thought Apollonus prefered to be a watcher and beastality was his type of ball game when his girlfriend is concerned?: The two will not even have time to be alone So, I don’t think they will merge together in the end for this reason. He’s not saying screw anything either because he himself has espoused the same bullshit as Kagura about having been fated to meet with Mikono.


At first I was surprised they pulled the part of Pollon out of left field, but when you look at the series it truly makes sense. Shrade is sacrificing his life to work for her.

Aquarion EVOL 22 | The Adventure of Life Goes On

Call it stupid, trolling, lolKawamori, lolOkada ainmesuki whatever you like, cause there’s definitely the basis for it but really, I do think some of you are blowing certain aspects of the twist waaaay out of proportion. No offense, but Zessica isn’t a tsundere character- that would be MIX Y Here’s a definition- Tsundere is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially aquarlon and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

Which does make it a little more likely that Fudo, whose form is only a projection, might be a evlo angel or Apollonius himself. That’s a way to deal with break-ups.

So no, I’m evvol drawing straws here. Even though Zessica does seem to be the Pollon of this cycle, you have to wonder if it really matters if she got her wish and was reincarnated.

XD It actually sparks my interest. I’m probably giving the writers way too much credit though.

Aquarion Evol 21: The Fated Union

I don’t think the writers changed Zessica over the episodes He should definitely live just to troll everyone. Jun and Yunoha were the only one decent. The basis of their interactions was their past life and they had an affinity towards one another, that they then fell in love of their own volition which didn’t need to be hidden behind indecisive bullshit like the drama in this show was a bonus.

I don’t aquarioh see them as particularly unlikeable, just as very emotionally-driven but generally wanting to do the “right thing” as they perceive it. He couldn’t care less most of the time. Please edit your existing post if you wish to add additional thoughts.


We can’t say we weren’t warned in a way. Second, the things Yoshino said have been so completely messed up by all the shippers out there. Not the a tsundere brocon and uppity siscon set she became Who was truly there to awake the Golden Aquarion?

As far as the ending goes I only hope Mikono does not die or sacrifice herself for whatever reason and that she at least is still ALIVE in the end I think you might be putting SDF on a bit of a pedestal, just like Star Wars fans do with the original trilogy. In that way one can say that Kagura’s love for Mikono is ultimately superficial and in a sense fake, because a good portion of it comes from Mykage’s brainwashing.

You people know that Amata’s words to Zessica were more in the line of “I thought you were dead, thanks god! One annoying thing about this ep is how mikono managed to do absolutely nothing.

Conveniently 222 him his loyal dog fancied Celiane. Wouldn’t put anything past them other than a good conclusion, I think that’s out of their hands now unless they get an extension or an OVA. It seems that Pollon had only wished to meet Celiane again in the next life; I suppose he wasn’t being presumptuous enough to wish for her love in the next life.