They must have had a meeting in the afterworld that we didn’t see. And it is not completely out-of-the-blue — we’ve been given hints of it and of what’s to come in that previous episode where Moo-Young and Moo-Yeon were once happy lovers very much devoted to each other and were reincarnated as brothers and sisters because of that devotion. He bursts outside and runs for Arang, darting in front… getting drawn into hell instead…. It was the stress of him running through the Woods of Zombies, and then, having those stupid dots on his hands disappearing! PersonaInnominatum October 19, at 1: The non-existence issue is one of the premises set out in this drama’s world and it was already mentioned right at the beginning in Episode 3. I agree that it can be better in terms of the execution but I’m satisfied since this drama has lots lots of HEART, keeps surprising me and satisfactory in many ways. I wonder about his character though.

Enough [ Download ]. She didn’t like heaven and is said to have probably preferred hell to hold onto the feelings of passion, the memories and almost eternal longing. Say the later was taken up. Dol-swe leads Bang-wool through the village, urging her to stand beside him rather than trailing meekly behind, which is enough to make me love him though I already do. I ain’t for mushiness which is my romance flicks come with a large dose of com or preferably, not at all but it was real cute. A young woman is murdered during the Chosun Dynasty under mysterious circumstances.

I’d love to hear how you had envisioned for the ending to be. Great Teacher Onizuka completed eps. If there’s a deus ex machina to gripe about, I call on the hellholes occasionally appearing here or there eldrama threaten reaper and ghost girl alike. I loved the half-half exposure then! This is a mental journey rather than a physical transportation, and Eun-oh shakes Arang awake in the forest, wiping her tears and urging her to get a hold of her mind.

I mean living as a Goat in Heaven Surely she knew them tricky gods wouldn’t send bait without setting a time limit or some other thing on it to keep more devilish plans coming to fruition if the humans employed did, in some chance, fail? The mischievous spirit of the woman, Yoon Arang Shin Min Ahcomes magisfrate as a ghost eppisode to find out what happened to her.


It will tell the story epdrsma four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure. That is why, my opinion contrasts the below — It is quite a fitting end and brings the character and my argument full circle.

They still get to be together, and they obviously are just as crazy about each other regardless of memory. The general is The grim reaper here. I simply can’t imagine.

Korean Drama A Gentleman’s Dignity (complete)

I agree that they got the reincarnation ending right with this one. Did you drink it? Emmy October 19, at 9: And about those reapers?

I would be okay if you said it as a constructive criticsm. JB and GF, thank you for tye recaps. But I realize that writing like the Korean drama industry wants it is downright insane, so I give serious props and slack.

Arang and the Magistrate

ThereforeI love the endings In a way there is, because the host body must be willing. He attacked and she resisted, so he stabbed and killed her, and left her body to rot in the woods. Plus, I’m eoisode sucker of Shin Mina’s dimples. Plus, as febe mentioned, reincarnation is something that has always been there in this drama.

Something can’t become nothing.

Kiara October 19, at Vampire Prosecutor 2 kor completed eps. Nakuna Hara- chan Jap.

Arang pleads with the magistrate to help find and punish her killer. Just wanted to mention that the forgetfulness drink exists in Chinese mythology too, except that it is soup instead of water. Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful and witty recaps! I think it’s because from thw 1 of Rooftop Prince they pretty firmly established maglstrate separate identities for the prince and his future reincarnation, so it wasn’t satisfying for Pak-ha to get the consolation guy who looks just like her boyfriend but isn’t actually her boyfriend but is, kind of.


He heads outside, just as his faithful servant watches him go.

Arang The Magistrate Episode 20

The characters were fun and the plot was interesting. I think anyone who had sincerely regretted deserved a better chance. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your useful info. If magsitrate punished means becoming a flower eating goat in Heaven, I’m ready to become a serial killer. Line by line, when it is traced, it certainly makes more sense, this ending.

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The door to hell. You mentioned that Dominique is a fanatic LMH worshipper, as a mature LMH fan yourself, maybe you should advise her to stop bashing other actors and actresses thoughtlessly, as a fan’s bad behaviour will only attract negative feelings towards her idol. I enjoyed this drama so much. I read netizens comments I know we are entitled to have our own opinion but that does not mean that all of our opinions is right and epiosde hurt anybody else.

Shanna Such a lovely drama I honestly felt contented with the reincarnation done here. Playlist 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

Min Sung Wook Supporting Cast. That little girl was so funny. Magistrahe somebody enter the Gate of Death The King 2 Hearts kor. Jade owns up to breaking his magistrqte rules all the time. Playlist 5 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Because both lived fairly heartbreaking lives in their previous existences, and this way I get the assurance of knowing they would enjoy every single last minute together of the new ones.