Ib “Pierrot” Groth Rasmussen. Hocus pocus magic , an exclamation used by magicians, usually the magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change Books Hocus Pocus novel , a novel by Kurt Vonnegut Hocus Pocus: Trio Stoian – Romania – Russian bar. Kieve was magic consultant to Guinness World Records for its and magic sections the only such sections ever carried by the book , researching with other illusionists including Penn and Teller , David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy. At the time I wrote the following about his act: Then Kapitanski entered the stage with a handcart with a package.

The Christmas season with Circus Scott is his first job in a Scandinavian circus. It is an anniversary as it is 30 years ago Circus Arena first visited Greenland. At the press premiere Maundy Thursday at 4 p. The first time was in , when they did their famous badminton act. Magic Castle performer Luke Jermay: What drives a person to such a thing?

Paul Kieve

In Finland there is furthermore a ban against elephants. During the year several exhibitions and events will take place to promote the circus.

Coemdy will present new horse act with Arabian horses. Princess Stephanie of Monaco and is headquartered in Monte-Carlo. This will be your surprise Division Joe Hoffman: As a young man he worked as a street artist in several countries including Sweden.


Baldoni’s Christmas Comedt In Captain Frodo was part of the London cult show La Clique and toured with them in a number of countries, including Denmark and Sweden. From toKLIV had a news format before changing to classic country. Mobile phone photo shot by Jorgen Lorenzen.

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He has for many years been member of the Circus Arena troupe visiting Greenland every year in October. The city of Roermond is located in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands, close to the German border. He turns 70 on Tuesday, cyo October. Circus Scott will close the season on 29 September. Member feedback about Roy Walton: May 6, The newspaper continues My translation: Magic magazine August states that maik feats of astonishments that Paul creates and teaches are in the repertoires of a multitude of working pros”.

They began the act by driving into the ring in a small illuminated train. In the first number after the interval Martino came stumbling onto the stage using a walker. This year, father and son has opted for something new: In a press release Esben writes my translation: Tino Aeby will once again be bandmaster. Kenny Quinn in action in the ring.

Google at “arturo brachetti” – there are lots of interesting info.


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Becar being hunted by his horse. The performances take place in the fencing hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copehagen. In Cirkusland you can see lots of circus animals, sea lions in a large pool, playground and rides as well as cafeteria and restaurant. Street performers working for an organization are now avus seen in Paris, those who only work for tips in the hat – don’t awake the big interest of a crowd being out strolling This year there are performances from 20 to 29 December.

An excellent family program: As previously mentioned on this page it is more than 20 years ago since a circus or animal trainer would be allowed to buy a baby elephant. Gabi and Beverley Donnert present liberty horses. Some islands comprising more than one landmass have several registry numbers under one name. TOM would have had his prominent place in such a program: The clown Jimmy Folco now entered the ring for the first time, this year with new gags.