However at this point she seems to be the only sensible one. Numm might seem a story of extremity but I see it more as a metaphor for smaller things in society. She might seem over the top but she knows her destiny or her fate is not in her hands. Report Category Video contains prohibited content. About Results in All Videos channels. I wonder why NO one ever thought of that before.

Show All Channel results. Thanks for putting it all my thoughts very nicely! He just played himself…He played Fawad Khan! The only other actor who stands up to Mr. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. The fatalism and inertia of the characters in this episode and all the promos seem to guarantee it.

Video was deactivated by our moderator. Let me say first of all I had decided against reviewing this serial because the promos looked slowannoying and a little too intimate for my taste. Let me starting by putting some of my favorite dialogues from the episode today: You meenh literally feel her heart beating in her eyes at the absurdity of this entire situation.

After all it has some great actors in it and as a first episode it was engaging.

Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. But the soft spoken Mahjabeen who has ostensibly been dealt the worst hand in life and cannot remember how to read English anymore, is quite normal. I can only suppose the insular, claustrophobic feeling I am getting from the lighting and the camera angles is deliberate but there must be better ways of doing it.

In the beginning she is shown begging her husband played I think by Ahsan Talish? As usual he is the best thing about the serial From the moment we see him he owns the character of Wali Bakht. It airs A Plus from Pakistan.


Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. Saeed, which piles up, only to open a separate narrative track. Akbar 1104 implicated with illegal drugs after he gets drunk by an orange juice drink and a quite revealing dance item by Mathira the song is Masti Main Doobi by Neeti Wagh and Shani. It is — quite literally — a flash, which dumps Akbar in a jail cell and bats his career out of the cricket grounds.

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There must be a reason why one of the; if not the highest paid actor in our industry chose to do this instead of the no doubt myriad offers coming his way. Fair warning thoughif it get’s really bad then even I might have the strength to drop it. Happily, the story moved along at a good pace and the basic pillars of the plot were smoothly established without reams of dialogue. I guess it just takes a special kind of genius.

Meenu Ka Susral Episode 46 On Ary Digital

Video contains spam Video has disturbing content. Forgot password Forgot Username. The fatalism and inertia of the characters in this episode and all the promos seem to guarantee it. Bearing in mind the bash of a premiere yesterday, think of the cameos as family-support for Mr.

Meenu Ka Susral

Video is violating privacy. Is this some kind of Freudian revenge the industry is taking out on him because of his unquestionable popularity …? Aunn Zara Episode 11 Review. It airs from Ary Digital television from Pakistan.


I am going to remain hopeful for this serial and give it a B however without Fawad it would be a C because it all looks so old fashioned. Still, for a susgal of its entirety, MHSA swaps between characters one ends up rooting for: NummNumm Episode 1 review.

I am not sure who she was talking to by the tree when her mother comes to collect her but it seems as if she lives in her own fantasy world. There is definitely more to their relationship then the two minutes we have seen together. A few unresolved angles the husband-wife split-up; the rich father-in-law vs. Notify user via Email. Usman Peerzada is good as Sekander Baksh or” Barrey saheb”who forces his decisions on the others because as he says he provides the moneyfor the good life, the cars etc.

Numm might seem a story of extremity but I see it more as a metaphor for smaller things in society. Baiga wife Mahnoor Baloch and son. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. It must be hard for any newcomer with proven actors like Sanya Saeed, Eplsode Khan etc.