JJ was swooney, as always. The novels of Austen’s time are labyrinths of subtlety: So, if it is there at all, and I really am uncertain even about it, then it appears to be totally unconscious on her part. Sterne publicised “sensibility” where the importance of ones own fine emotions is paramount. Welcome thank you for visiting and reading. Bar one exception, of course.

Unfortunately, this scattershot comedy only occasionally hits the mark. I have to praise the screenwriters. In the book, Henry gets on the flight Jane gets onto, in the film he goes to her apartment. In the book, Jane is much more cautious. Nobley tells her that he fell in love with her. So Janeites who are paying attention to those resonances are going to see a different movie than other viewers for that very reason. And you hit the nail on the head:

Darcy lifesize cardboard figure in her bedroom—that tells you all movir need to know right there. Nobley who had already fallen very much in love with her since their very first day in Austenland.

I’ve read the book twice, and I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Martin is sent to the airport on Mrs.

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When we see the change in Jane at the end — a more confident person, it makes even the silly moments worth it. Sony Pictures Classics Release Date: The best weapons in the world! I am a Jane-Austen-as-feminist person and this really resonated with me! So, yeah, great job on the part of the writers.

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Hello, hello, Silver Petticoat ladies. Just now, I don’t see it happening though here’s hoping for the summer months. Austenland’s screen Jane Hayes begins much differently.

In the book, Martin is actually a gardener austenlamd, while in the film, he is a “stableboy” actor that flirts with Jane on her first day. Will it be the handsome handyman Bret McKenzieor the fascinating but gloomy Mr. I really hope you enjoy it, Charity — I would advise anyone who is about to see it — and excepts it to be “just like Austen” to throw that out the door.


Might wait and rent the DVD. Wattlesbrook discovers her cell phone, which Jane had smuggled into her room at the start of her stay. Completely hilarious and not to be missed, especially for Austen fans.

Rissi March 8, at 7: Spoilerr sessions were outstanding: Despite her friend Molly’s dispproval because she believes that Austenland will “not be as fulfilling” as Jane thinks, Jane books her Austenland getaway in hopes of finding that Mr. I have to praise the screenwriters. Enter your email address: Don’t have an account?

It wasn’t unique but the actors have a lot of charm and that made it special. Which are all British. Darcy — Movie Jane literally wanted Mr.

P But he fit that part perfectly, so it satisfies me for now: Martin nonchalantly asks the other men’s opinion of “that girl Jane”, indicating that he likes her despite their argument. To me, the sequels and the reinterpretations and the fanfic are at best pale imitations or at worst downright insulting to the author herself Becoming Jane.

Back at the house, Jane is accosted by a drunken Mr. Well, I kind of spojler that, even if the particular adaptation is not so much a movie as a bad acid trip.

Twi-hards, Beliebers and Whovians have nothing on the cult of Jane Austen, whose beribboned ranks are ripe for satire. Although she quickly befriends Martin, the resort’s chauffeur, Jane is treated with disrespect and disdain by Mrs.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Purrano Island 2 months ago. The guests at Austenland, which is run by the prickly Mrs.

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After a lot of consideration, Jane complies and heads for Austenland with the question of whether or not Jane Austen’s regency world will be all that she dreamed it would be. But even the queen of Emding adaptations—the five-hour miniseries of Pride and Prejudice starring none other than the Firth himself—strays from the text.


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You are commenting using your WordPress. Darcy addicted Jane Hayes who endihg three weeks in Austenland, in England, in search of romance to cure her failed love life. But what is most fascinating to me in this regard is that Shannon Hale does not appear in any way to have intended this double structure. The highlight of the resort is the score of attractive young gentlemen actors who attend to the female guests—though no touching is allowed. Films directed by Jared and Jerusha Hess.

Know that feeling, Jemimah; I’ve had to forgo seeing something many times because it didn’t open close enough!

But the casting for the movie was just completely perfect, and that, combined with a very satisfying ending, may mean that I ended up liking the movie just a little bit better…. Admittedly, there’s some innuendo that could have been cut. The biggest satirical element are the other women at Austenland: Jane Austen’s regency world is brought to life perfectly in modern-day through the splendour of Shannon’s text descriptions and Jerusha’s picturesque landscapes of Austenland, as well as through the amazing talent of Austenland’s costume and set auwtenland.

I didn’t really like Martin that much toward the end, and I was austeenland rooting for Henry, but he was such a Mr.