Franklin to do the same. We see General Franklin being interview Stephen looks overwhelmingly relieved, and Susan looks very relieved for him , then the Sgt. Audible Download Audio Books. Don’t have an account? Paul Winfield as Gen. Maggie Evan as Jane. Could that be the only thing? Corwin, and Lou Welch.

As the characters pointed out in the show, Babylon Station will lose credibility on one front if it arms itself too powerfully for another. Mary Kay Adams as Na’Toth. This brings up some interesting points concerning their relationship and how tough it is to grow up in a military home. Edit Storyline A task force of ground troops led by Dr. Mira Furlan as Delenn. And figure out what brand of eye makeup Richard Alpert uses so I can get it, too.

We see that there are now two major conflicts involving Babylon 5, or the Earthlings, which is bound to cause problems. Lou Welch Ryan Cutrona Meanwhile, the General meets with his son, Dr.

Babylon 5: GROPOS

More Top Movies Trailers. I think, anyway, that his girlfriend would laugh. Their first meeting is cold, as the General resents Dr. There was absolutely no reason for her to be plain old infantry—she could have been given age-appropriate responsibility without changing any significant plot points.

Edit Did You Know? Similarly, Sheridan tells the General that he and his father never agreed, but came to agree to disagree and still loved each other. Elisa Beth Garver as Tech 2.

List of Babylon 5 episodes. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. We learned that the doctor is a man of principle. Cut back to Keffer holding the list limply at his side, looking forlorn, all alone on the Zocalo.


RETROSPECULATIVE TV: Babylon 5: “Gropos” (Season 2, Episode 10)

We learned that war is hard. We see an early version of the kick-ass sci-fi chick. Franklin that she and her father did not see eye babylonn eye, but she never had the chance to make up before he died, and urges Dr.

Season 2 Episode Vir Cotto credit only Bill Mumy Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: No one is feeling it yet.

First, coincidentally, the General in charge of the invasion is the Doctor’s father. I guess Dodger also was the lesson that war stresses people out and that women and men can be the same. And figure out what brand of eye makeup Richard Alpert uses so I can get it, too.

In the era when it ran, pretty much everyone on every space show was an officer and a gentlemen from an idealized society in which everyone had a zeason education, freedom from want, full intellectual stimulation, and in which nobody To paraphrase a Ferengi ever seemed to have to go get the chairs.

Yang Morgan Hunter Pvt. Dodger breaks this up, which is how she and Garibaldi meet.

Paul Winfield as Gen. Goofs General Franklin is discussing a highly classified mission with random technicians working in the background. Is there an Earthforce Army?

Traitors, troublemakers, and ambassadors all tucked snugly in their little beds. Views Read Edit View history. Talia Winters credit only Stephen Furst We already knew that. In other words, no one ever seemed to have any work beyond punching buttons, or occasionally walking drinks to tables.


Gropos – Wikipedia

The Force Awakens The Expanse: We learned that the Earth government is arrogant and ignorant, and makes bad decisions. Connections Referenced in Babylon 5: Dodger helps Garibaldi to stop the fight before the troops are ordered out. Art Chudabala as Pvt. Full names of P. You are commenting using your WordPress. The additional staff make the station over-crowded, forcing some station crew to double up and raising tensions around the station.

Andreas Katsulas as G’Kar. Interestingly, the space ship portion is never given a name in the entire run of the series. However, as they are preparing to sleep together, Garibaldi had doubts about rushing into things, having past concerns around issues of trust. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Christ, that show is complicated! Ryan Cutrona as Sgt. This brings up some interesting points concerning their relationship and how tough it is to grow up in a military home. I love this time of night.

We get a long slow tracking shot of Wang, Large, Dodger, and Kleiss, all dead and shot up, strewn among battlefield wreckage. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Babylon 5: GROPOS

Lennier credit only Robert Rusler One of them is a kick-ass chick. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. But it felt like an obligatory episode, and I feel like babylom is an obligatory write-up.