Anandi says, I agree he made those mistakes but he learned from his mistakes. Like 0 Dislike 0. I felt Sanchi is not as honest toward this relationship as what we thought. Sanchi says, just shut up.. Bhairo asks him if everything is fine. She sees sindhoor and then looks at her maang. Maybe mum was right..

Ira says, everything is your favorite. That is why I went to Mumbai with the excuse of studies. Everyone leaves expect the Singhs and Shekars. Jagya gestures her that he will take care of everything. Would she be able to live in her sasural now? Why did I get saved? Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

I am a liar, dishonest, cunning. Shashank Vyas-Jagdish Singh Jagya -fanpage. A kite falls there. Shiv puts his hand on Sanchi and leaves from there. Last updated Oct 5, In the lobby, Jagya thanks his lawyer.

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You can leave from here. Nothing happens by building a hospital. Jagya walks to her and both have an eyelock. Today you separated her from this house. Separated a daughter from 20113 house.

Bhairo says, I agree that Sanchi is different, you two are no match, and you did the right thing by refusing for your rishta with her. Now there is no point for all this. Jagya says, if I had told you all about this.


Someone 1zt the door and she hides photo. Shiv joins his hands to Jagya and apologise.

Their son did such a big betrayal with Sanchi, and no one said baika. I will just say that you give good sense to this girl Sanchi.

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Payal tells her, I am sorry. Sanchi glares with disbelief.

Ira and Daddu join their hands to Jagya and his family. Dadisa continues, if you leave this house, then you will have to break your link with everything related to this house. He first left you to go to Gauri, then he left to come back to you. Jagya comes and asks, what are you doing?

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? They just stood there quiet. Why did I get saved? You also said that. Was it by breaking the door or by using a duplicate key?

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She first turn wrtten her face, but then hugs him. Sign in Recover your password. A tries to explain but Ira asks Meenu to tell A to keep quite as she cannot hear any justifications for the Singhs from her. Basant comes to Dadisa and asks her to relax. Shiv asks, why is that? Other hand, Sanchi picks up a knife and cuts her hand….


People here have lots of hope from you. Sanchi made all efforts to change herself. He continues, despite becoming each others. I know everyone is upset with you in this house, but first you will have to take care of ballka.

Anandi wipes out her tears. When i thought who that will be with whom i can spend my life. Sachi says that J is still angry with her. Sanchi still tells Ira that its all a trap. In the hospital, A gets milk for Sachi but Ira angrily take it from her and instead herself offers it to Sachi. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.