Conakry Radio Stations – listen online to music and talk radio. Three witnesses to the killing of a year-old student, Mamadou Abdoulaye Bah, by a member of FOSSEPEL on Wednesday, November 17, said he was shot through the neck from some 40 meters away while visiting with friends along the railway tracks in the Cosa neighborhood. Both Human Rights Watch and hospital officials confirmed that the vast majority were Peuhl. A few minutes later, they [the police] shot a third man Several men were shot, including two who died, during periods of relative calm when the men had ventured out to buy water or supplies or to visit family members. They kept us there, beating us, for several more hours. Human Rights Watch conducted interviews in Guinea with over 80 victims and witnesses.

Aid Policy; Children; Conflict; It had been tense – between the security forces and the youths – but had quieted down a bit, so he ventured out. People said some great things that are now up and you can read them on freewaves. Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. I saw her being stabbed in the chin with a knife, and hit in the mouth with a hammer. Test links of a page.

Their relief upon seeing the security forces arrive was dampened when the security forces instead used tear gas against the Peuhl.

Meria few of the wounded admitted they had engaged in violence and thrown rocks at the security forces, but they said they had been shot as they ran away, and, in a few cases, even before tear gas was fired. They kept us there, beating us, for several more hours.

I yelled at them to leave her. Arrests in Guinea of Ebola-related murders. Join our movement today.

Diplomatic sources interviewed by Human Rights Watch said local doctors had confirmed the rapes. When my mother tried to stop them, they slapped her hard on her face. Suddenly, they shot medis the air, and Abdoulaye and his friends got up to run, but then one of them [the agents] just shot in our direction.


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Successive authoritarian heads of state have used the security services for bambeeto ends to repress political opponents, influence the outcome of elections, and intimidate the judiciary.

The local hospital, where the vast majority of victims were treated, stated they had treated 84 individuals for gunshot wounds.

The new dam that has boosted the electricity supply in the capital is the jewel in the crown of his campaign. A journey across the Himalayas. Human Rights Watch spoke with several Peuhl witnesses in Kakimbo, Dabony Rai, Cosa, and Hafia who described security force members standing by while civilians from other ethnic groups stole from them.

The Peuhl are a small minority there.

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There were no police there, no one there to help me. The victims were clearly told they were being attacked for their support, or perceived support, of the other party and were often warned by the mobs to move out of the neighborhood or risk further assault – or even death. They beat her with sticks, iron bars. To end this cycle of state-sponsored abuse, Human Rights Watch urged Guinea’s new government to:. Minority Peuhls were unable to vote there because of ethnically motivated attacks against them in October that killed one person and caused Peuhl residents to flee en masse.

An injured member of Guinea’s security forces sits at a clinic of Bambeto as they clashed with protesters after opposition candidates called on Monday for the results Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. A year-old student who was shot in the knee just outside his house on November 15 described how he and another man were injured and a third man was killed in the same incident:.

New guinean movies on media bambeto. While beating me they said, “You’re RPG Some of those interviewed told Human Rights Watch that security forces urinated in their houses and, in one case, kicked over the entire library of a Quranic teacher.


It had been tense – between the security forces and the youths – but had quieted down a bit, so he ventured fjlm. Physical and Detention-Related Abuses, Criminal Behavior by Security Forces About 30 people who spoke to Human Rights Watch described being slapped, kicked, whipped, burned, and beaten with batons and rifle butts as they were being detained by security force members on the street or at their homes or jobs, or while in detention in one of several gendarme and police facilities.

They and two family members told Human Rights Watch that the family paid the police to ensure the men had decent folm conditions and to secure their release.

Despite staggering mineral wealth – including rich reserves of bauxite mdia some of the world’s largest untapped deposits of iron ore – Guinea is among the 10 least-developed countries in the world, according to the United Nations.

February 24, News Release.

However, irregularities in both the June first-round and November 7 run-off, several spates of political and ethnic violence, and incidents of excessive force by security forces responding to the violence have marred the election’s credibility and Guinea’s transition to civilian rule.

The gendarmes are bandits, they support the ruling party. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for calm in the West African nation of Guinea, where political violence has left about people wounded including 68 police.

His mother cried later that she told him not to be long; he was her only child. June 21, Report. Youths from both sides of the political divide hurled rocks at each other in several parts of the capital Conakry leaving two dead and many wounded, according to police.