I actually ended up buying an external HD for it. Australia’s Greatest Train Journey”. But I’m watching it on youtube now, and that bong sound is really irritating. This show would be infinitely better if it had a Werner Herzog voice-over noting that the yellow light at the end of the tunnel never seems to get any closer, that the darkness is absolute, and that the world seems to have left us behind, leaving behind a flickering beacon reminding us of all the time we have lost. There must be a subsidy for red or yellow houses in Norway, because they are everywhere. Previous Next Hide Grid.

Retrieved from ” https: It was popularised in the s by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK , beginning with the broadcast of a 7-hour train journey in We must try to edit meaning into the train ride ourselves. As an adaptation of the style, the British channel BBC Four in and broadcast a series of slow journeys such as a canal boat journey and bus ride. And greetings to all the nice people that were involved in the creation of this heart bursting documentary. Nearly an hour into the show, we finally glimpse our first humans, again at Voss Station. The trees and lakes have been replaced with graffiti-covered walls and imposing gray buildings. This August, Netflix added about 25 hours of Norwegian reality TV to its collection of bingeable content.

Slow television

Jordskott goes beyond the usual Nordic Noir scenario with a very The cat seems to like it. In years in minutes – lecture performed by professor Frank Aarebrotpolitical scientist Frank Aarebrot gave a minute lecture on the past years of Norwegian history.

The leader of the movement globally is the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, whose groundbreaking foe TV broadcast in saw one fifth of the minuty tune in for a seven-hour train ride.


Slow TV is quickly becoming a real viewing choice for the more intrepid TV viewer. And greetings to all the nice people that were involved in the creation of this heart bursting documentary.

Previous Next Show Grid. The appeal is still understandable.

The Ghan is back! SBS to air hour Ghan trip on Sunday”. InHurtigruten — minutt for minutt was included in Norsk Dokumentarv which is the Norwegian part of the Memory of the World Programme [20].

We have finally arrived in Oslo. At its peak,people followed the broadcast at eleven forty-five Sunday night, as the boat was heading into the Trollfjord in Lofoten.

NRK TV – Bergensbanen minutt for minutt

Use the HTML below. Sakte-TVis a term used for a genre of “marathon” television coverage of an ordinary event in its complete length. The show lasted from Sunday 21 June until Saturday 15 August. The Sydney Morning Herald. The Bergensbanen runs for miles, taking six and a half hours to cross some of Europe’s most inhospitable terrain. India launches air strikes inside Pakistan in retaliation for Kashmir attack. It was broadcast on 7 May This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat Even worse, I must have blinked when the cow appeared.

Pop quiz to see who’s paying attention: Nearly a million people, or 20 percent of the population, tuned in at some point of the program.

Peel slowly and see: The top five slow TV events | Guide

During the days of the broadcast the Norwegian Embassy in Seoul organized a campaign on the subway to promote Norway. It feels somewhat like mass or going for a run — a familiar backdrop for an extended period of thinking.

Sadly, the Netflix version is an hour-long distillation of the original and has a lot of interviews and voiceover that I don’t think were in the original posted by Clustercuss at This is like running the 46th mile of a marathon. The Ghan is happy to take its tor and give you a moment to pop into the kitchen for a cup of tea.


British TV has foor rewards, not least of them Antiques Fofwith its quaint country locations and small-town folk hunting for treasures on TV for nearly 40 years.

Retrieved 11 January During the broadcast, cities competed in arranging the greatest welcoming committee at the different harbors and three different wedding proposals were captured during the hours. Bergensbanen is a real time documentary film begensbanen the entire journey by rail from Bergen to Oslo in Norway.

One of the people who made this TV show is on the train, explaining to the passengers what the show will be like while we are watching the show. The Hurtigruten — minute by minute broadcast was also shown online with many viewers abroad; 46 percent of online viewers were outside Norway.

For amateur radio image transmission modes, see Slow-scan television.

Peel slowly and see: The top five slow TV events

It was broadcast on NRK2 on 29 December and had a viewership of around 1. There must be a subsidy for red or yellow houses in Norway, because they mimutt everywhere. It does not, however, strictly qualify as Slow television because it was made artifically long by looping the original film. Retrieved 11 December