Farzana had an additional condition that until the final report is received regarding her daughter, the nikah should be delayed. It can pinch where it hurts. Recent Post by Page. Bilal escapes after a tip off from Fareeha and when noone picks Mehrbano from hospital, she ventures out onto the streets. A request- the pale lipstick does not suit Mehwish Hayat and is best avoided. They live, study and travel together. Her susral was her home now and they would visit her there, if they needed to. Sheeda once again proves to be a woman of the world, despite her humble beginnings as she is open to her daughter coming on television.

She feels that her usual bad luck at the hands of destiny will ruin everything, but Raza tells her that this time around, things would be different. The reason why I enjoyed the latter does not warrant an explanation. Her susral was her home now and they would visit her there, if they needed to. After the flashback, he goes to her cottage and Shanti toldd him that you shouldn’t make any decision as my husband anymore, today, decide like my friend. At the same time, it hits another nail on the head by exposing the deep-rooted disregard in our society for singing as a profession. Drama Reviews , Featured , Uncategorized. To sum up, Dillagi still continues to be a story that keeps its focus on the war of love between the two leads.

The heartbreak of life can be attributed to destiny, but many of the crimes against children are generally attributed to a bad judgement of people.

When he realized what was wrong, everyone lied to him, informing him that Mehrbano had married Bilal and thus left. View all posts by Sadaf. I cannot wait for Fridays now. Even when she pa,kein herself weakened by fate, she finds a way to control her circumstances. Blog Statshits. To read my detailed review on Mann Mayal Episode 14, I refer you to my blog post — Click on this link: A rather depressing episode with some unanswered questions drqma my mind.

Ameena Khala was stuffed nheegi of anti Mehrbano propaganda- betay ko phansa, bilal say taluqaat thay- the list is endless! The child artist Arshiya playing the role of Zebo impresses me everyime that she is on screen; Likewise each and every actor in Udaari is a treat to watch with performances that are no less than brilliant. After her departure as remorse started to creep in, Imtiaz distracted his wife with gifts to cover his tracks.


Bheegi Palkein reviewDillagi drama reviewmann mayal episode 13 reviewmann mayal reviewUdaari review. He has made a well edited fast paced story which catches your interest despite the cliches. The writing by Faiza Iftikhar is gripping but the director has equally done justice to the great script. Ratings are just a number after all- it is the quality of the production which storyy that palkekn stands out.

See more of Pakistani Drama Review on Facebook. Then she let it slip palkei her own family had distanced themselves from her. Faryal Mehmood performed the various shades of her character from mindless manipulation to total insanity with aplomb.

The quality of our dramas well not all, but some of them! I am not sure which episode bheebi shot when ,but from about episode 7 on wards she seems to have found her groove.

Faryal Mehmood looks good on many occasions though the screaming can get a bit deafening at times. Lets see how far Mehrbano goes until she realizes that being such an angel is not to her advantage and not good for our nerves …. I for one, love a romance and so do the viewers considering that some of our biggest successes are romantic dramas.

In the following days, she also works in a bank. A particularly touching scene was when Sheeda called out to Zebo and hugged her and their conversation was interrupted by Sajida.

Episode 18 sees Mehrbano return home with Hassan and at this sight, his mother Ameena gets ready to leave the house in protest.

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And lets not forget that this is a tragic heroine, our Mehr bano- in her dra,a, all efforts are overlookedtears are in abundance and other women are either manipulative or pea-brained. Did we all not skip a heart beat as the danger that was reflected in his eyes was confirmed by his words. In this way, they give birth to a child.

In episode 23, Fariha found herself unable to enjoy the spoils of her war by constant and rather unpleasant visions of the price of this victory. Yes Dr Raza was all set to do the nikah but Hasan remained hot on his trail as they went round and round in this journey to get the girl. Fariha continued to go from bad to worse and first lost her mother and then her husband when courtesy of Shano Amma he discovered who had actually poisoned his mother!

Bheegi Palkein reviewdillagi reviewman mayal episode 19 reviewUdaari review. He meets her and asks her to go back into their past lives as a husband and wife.


However this happiness was not to last as Balla was the bearer of bad news. Meera had chosen a man over her family, over her heritage and even over her mother- she had wanted to escape from everything. Propriety is never put at stake in order to get the man, even if he is a man of large fortune like Mr Darcy!

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The ending of this episode was top notch with Mishal bursting the bubble of misunderstanding and the two parallel love stories gaining momentum Episode 11 was a joyride all the way to Sehwan Sharif. Meanwhile the dulha- to-be comes out of the hospital to learn that his bride had wed another and starts contacting her next of kin for further information. Mohid is reminded by Anmol on the wedding night that he may have married her, but he had not won her over and there was a difference between the two.

Episode 6 belonged to Meera as Urwa Hocane gave a beautiful performance as the girl who gets a rude awakening from her dream of love — a dream that was destroyed by the one who encouraged her to dream in the first place. Hassan returned from his meeting early, blissfully unaware of the turn of events.

That may be because the writers kept creating intrigues to such an extent that there was no time left for romance.

Innocence is after-all priceless. Ahsan Khan has brilliantly conveyed his dangerous intentions in his deep gaze as he eyes his easy target s.

Bheegi Palkein

She hugged him in relief and it was clear that this action shocked both of them. Notify me of new comments via email.

Episode 11 started with Mehrbano refusing a ride with Hassan and despite all her efforts to be a goody two shoes, she got a slap in front of the entire household because of the Bilal sighting. Yes Mehrbano and Hasan are together now; look audience- They have exchanged a few words and he has made the pslkein promises and….