Penny gets drunk and proposes to Leonard after thinking the only good thing in her life is him. Howard promises to spend more time with her, but only after he and Raj finish their video game, once again enraging Bernadette. They first propose making each couple a team, but Leonard suggests picking names out of a hat instead. As he does not have the issue, he reluctantly takes her to a rival store. Penny meets Lucy, Raj’s ex-girlfriend, at the Cheesecake Factory and is mad at her for breaking up with him by email. Howard offers Stuart the job, giving him money and a home while he gets back on his feet after losing his store. Penny is ecstatic to get a minor role on NCIS but is devastated when her scene is cut. Archived from the original on December 24,

You Might Also Like. He is disturbed at Amy’s suggestion they could live together, and his last nerve breaks on discovering Stuart’s comic book store was destroyed by fire. Howard’s latest foray into helping his mother has some disastrous side effects. Howard tries to help Raj get over his breakup with Lucy. And, as a whole, the shoe introduces a new aesthetic. Penny suggests exchanging secrets with Sheldon, saying she was topless in an unreleased horror movie – not new to Sheldon, as Howard found the clip when they first met. Amy finally tells him he does not deserve the attention, for Sheldon the most romantic thing Amy could ever say.

Meanwhile, Leonard, Raj, and Howard plan to meet with a ticket scalper to get tickets, but chicken out to avoid trouble. So Penny goes out of her way to comfort him; he takes advantage of her sympathy. They find Amy and Bernadette having dinner after lying to their friends. Retrieved October 21, Retrieved April 3, Retrieved March 17, The various changes in the characters’ lives changing the status quo.

Meanwhile, after signing a card for a co-worker who is retiring, Bernadette discovers her message is highly inappropriate as the card is actually a “get well” card for the woman, who has been in a terrible accident. Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved November 15, He had a blind date with Emily years before, and due to a stomach problem, he severely blocked her toilet and ran out on her.


Archived from the original on March 24, Howard tries to do something special to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with Bernadette.

Leonard and Penny decide to get a dining table for the apartment so that they no longer have to eat around the coffee table. Archived from the original on April 13, Howard and Bernadette have to take care of his mother after she breaks her leg. Even Raj’s advice fails to inspire her, and she tells Leonard she wishes she could be as romantic as he, axg him a box of dozens of mementos, examples of his romantic gestures during their time together.

Amy is shocked, but delighted at the physical attention. Leonard is shocked, finding it incredibly romantic that Penny kept these things.

At first Raj is afraid Howard will joke about his shortcomings; however, Howard becomes the butt of all the jokes. Between video calls, his friends wonder how their lives would be had they never met him as in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Bernadette admits lying to Howard too. Mike finally compliments Howard, but then attributes his kindness to being drunk. Sheldon eventually tells Leonard he had discovered the DVD and paid the fine years before, and that he just wanted him to learn the lesson, much to Amy’s surprised and shocked look on her face.

To his dismay, Leonard, Penny and Bernadette are angry there is no clear winner despite all their efforts, and chase him out of the apartment. Retrieved October 13, Sheldon finds out where Jones is eating and approaches him. Amy finally tells him he does not deserve the attention, for Sheldon the most romantic thing Amy could ever say.

Because Penny is upset and drunk, Leonard hesitates to answer, so Penny leaves, and Leonard is left wondering if their relationship might be over.

They rush her to the vet and are joined by an outraged Raj, who connects with the vet, Yvette, since both own dogs and disapprove of what Leonard and Penny did. He wants assuring this isn’t just because she was fired and feels sorry for herself. Leonard disproves Sheldon’s accidental stable super-heavy element discovery.


Instead of laces, it features an integrated pull seson system and a strap across the forefoot with a magnetic buckle.

Penny demands he sign, and he does. Main cast [ edit ] Johnny Galecki as Dr. As she is laid up in bed, Raj, Bernadette and Amy cook. Retrieved February 24, Whilst calling Amy to apologize for scaring her off, he also discovers he made several drunk calls to Stephen Hawking’s answering machine.

Thepry Big Bang Theory —.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episodes –

Penny tries to help Sheldon when he reconsiders his “relationship” with String Theory. Howard gained the nickname “Clogzilla”. After Amy encourages Sheldon to be with his newborn nephew, Raj observes that Amy has significantly influenced Sheldon, and Leonard shows her her picture on Sheldon’s screensaver, among the other sseason Sheldon admires the most.

Retrieved April 25, Retrieved March 24, Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart try to practice their social skills, and Sheldon navigates the intricacies of being funny. Next Episode airs 7 Mar. Finally, Raj reveals he slipped a gold coin into everyone’s pocket so that all would win: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sheldon’s fury peaks when Barry Kripke berates him over Leonard’s findings.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 18 – The Mommy Observation

The scene changes to reveal this as Stuart’s fantasy whilst sitting alone in the restaurant. They were tired of hearing Sheldon moan about searching for a new research adg and Penny complain about her horrible movie. The treadmill slides back down the stairs, breaking Howard’s mother’s leg.

Beverly Hofstadter Bob Newhart as Dr. A rattled Sheldon scoffs at this “malarkey”. Archived from the original on May 3, On March 12,The Big Bang Theory wpisode renewed for an additional three years, extending it through the —17 season for a total of ten seasons.