When General Skarr tries to get rid of a weed in his otherwise perfect garden, he asks Grim to use his scythe to do the job. Mandy arranges for Grim’s father to come visit and she tells him the truth, but still the old man does not believe her. Mindy tries different ways to get back at Mandy and recover her job, but she ends up affecting her own team, which eventually loses the game. Since the druidic chants did not work against the tree, the druid goes ahead and uses a chainsaw to bring the tree down, but this gets him arrested. While all of the jurors are quiet and attentive, Fred keeps speaking whatever is on his mind, whether it’s asking to use the bathroom, asking when they get “hammer thingies” gavels , or who the characters are in Billy’s flashback story as he’s telling it. During their first game, Mandy directs the team into scoring their first ever touchdown , so Coach Kilgore gives her the job of captain cheerleader, taking it away from Mindy. In consequence, Grim tries save his reputation and make the best day for Fred, but it is a disaster with Grim ruining Fred’s yogurt and Fred going missing in an amusement park. Meanwhile the judge tries his hardest to keep Fred quiet and sit still.

Grim decides that the only way for his dad to listen to him is while performing country music. After failed attempts by Grim, Mandy, Billy, and Irwin to break their relationship, Delgado finally tells Eris the truth about he wanting to break up, and she complies by turning into a giant insect and devouring him. When Billy gets his kite stuck in a tree, he starts throwing objects at it to knock it down, including Mandy and a group of three boy scouts, but all objects get stuck too. Frustrated, Billy and Grim call a druid for help, who in turn trains them to become druids, so the three of them can perform a ritual. There is a new student in the school, named Dora parodying Dora the Explorer , who insists on getting people to open her lunch box. Del Guapo finds himself transported to the present, where he has a brief encounter with Delgado. Mandy restores everything to normal, and captures Pandora inside the box, saying that nobody tricks her, and that when the time is right it will be Mandy herself who will unleash humanity’s doom and destruction.

After finding that Dracula in fact helped him by sucking out the scorpion’s venomGrim rushes to help Dracula, and billy finally make it to the diner. Grim tells Billy that, to cure Mandy, he must use the venom of the spider that infected her.

With Grim traveling aboard his spaceshipthe lawyer takes off his disguise and introduces himself as Morg, the Martian Grim Reaperwho is also Emperor of Mars and commands an army of martian, brain-eating zombies. They meet a girl named Blandy, who looks very much like Billy, and Billy falls completely head-over-heels in love with her.


When Mandy and Grim tell Billy to quit watching TV and follow his life dreams, Billy gets into a chicken costume and decides to become a world famous “chicken juggler “.

To help Cragorah, Grim transforms Billy into a giant monster too a parody of Ultraman. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Billy becomes friends with the dragon he was supposed to kill and spares his life, becoming the dragon’s hero.

With Billu arm and Mandy’s cheerleading the team reaches the finals.

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Billy’s stupid, idiotic brain overpowers the Braincaster, returning all of the people to normal and foiling Morg’s plan, who disappears into outer space. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: When Billy’s mom tries to convince him to be a chiropractor instead, Billy runs away to Uncle Chokey’s farm to pursue his dream. Next for the reapers is to use the ultimate weapon in mind control, the Braincaster, which, if powered by a dumb and stupid mind, will allow them to control all of the zombies forever.

This episode no doubt went down as one of the best in the series by Cartoon Network, as Fred went on to star and cameo in future episodes and other shows. Billy’s family is moving to another town, but when the question arises of whether or epispde Grim goes with Billy, Billy and Mandy decide to settle this in the courthouse! Fredburgerr keep in mind that the show is geared towards young boys from 7 to 12, so some of the gross-out humor and childish banter may not be for everyone, meaning if you don’t like Ren and Stimpy, you probably won’t like this show.

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The angry expressions on Mandy, the banter of stupidity off of Billy which Richard Steven Horvitz, voice of Invader Zim, almost steals the show every episode peisode his amazingly hammy voiceand the desperation and fright of Grim and Erwin respectively or otherwise bring their A-game in this episode, and provide great setups and punchlines. Quotes Grim, The Grim Reaper: Mandy befriends Dora once she gets into a fight with the snobby Mindy.

Since Grim quickly gets bored he goes to visit General Skarr, and lets him take his magical scythe, which Skarr uses to build an army of giant lawn gnomes. After what they have gone through, and thinking that Dracula is just a selfish, old man, Grim decides to go a separate way.

If you haven’t seen this episode or even the show, this episode is the best place to start besides the bilpy, as it shows you what later episodes in the show would play out in the best way. Billy tries to change Mary-Frances attitude, but she is reluctant due to an earlier trauma of not being able to swim and follow the other unicorns into the sea. At a school fair, Grim’s scythe accidentally transforms the dull Principal Goodvibes and his hippopotamus into gangster rappersGoodvibes now calling himself Principal Goodbling.


Skarr gets mulched by a helicopter rotorbut he is reborn as a small weed. Hoss Delgado, spectral exterminator, arrives saying that everything has been that way since he started dating Eris, the goddess of chaos. Eipsode Read Edit View history. When Billy gets his kite stuck in a tree, he starts throwing objects at it to knock it down, including Mandy and a group of three boy scouts, but all objects get stuck too.

Although initially Grim likes the new style of the fu,l principal, he later thinks Goodbling is just a poseur and goes to talk to him, but Goodbling attacks with yo-mama jokes. Add the first question. Mandy’s condition progresses and she completely turns into a giant spider, who captures Billy’s parents and Grim. When Mandy says even a trained monkey is more competent to do cleaning chores than Grim, and would complain less, Grim makes Dickie Galoot, a monkey appearing in a Japanese-styled animationcome to life to prove her fres.

Mandy consults Grim’s encyclopaedia of monsters and realizes Blandy is cull a creature from another dimension. Mandy quickly tells the real episkde, and footage from the first episode is seen, before the four are swallowed whole by the serpent.

Spidermandy/Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred

During the entire trial, Fred Fredburger interrupts constantly, using the Judge’s gavelasking for permission to go to the bathroom, eating nachosand just repeating his name and his characteristic “Yes”. Was this review helpful to you? Mandy arranges for Grim’s msndy to come visit and she tells him the truth, but still the old man does not believe her.

The ensuing chase results in Fred crashing into an ice cream truck, becoming frozen again. Billy and Uncle Chokey juggle chickens at the rhythm of an old phonographwhose music turns the farm into a s black and white rubber hose cartoon. When Billy finds his “son” Jeff the Bilky lying in his bed with “Spider Pox”, he goes to Mandy for help to get rid of the giant spider.

Mandy and Grim search for Billy on board Captain Deadwood’s ship, who is made of wood and who has been hunting Blubbery Joe for years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.