The total number of credits for major area credit from practicum, internship and directed research courses may not exceed 9 credits. Also covers the director’s spiritual preparation and integration into the craft. He is grateful to have been a part of the production and is excited to be working on the completion of Jitensha in post-production. Dean has traveled to over two dozen countries and considered it a great privilege to travel to Japan with the crew of Jitensha despite their overall desire to eat McDonalds and Subway. Includes ADR, sound effects, surround sound and orchestra recording. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Some of the shots were challenging, but well worth it, as you can see for yourself in Jitensha. Giving filmmakers an introduction to the building blocks of storytelling: Entrust academic responsibility to your student. Internships Biola’s proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry affords CMA majors prime internship opportunities. Supplemental Handout This Supplemental Handout is filled with frequently asked questions and answers to assist you with understanding your financial responsibilities. This is the capstone integration course covering what a Christian film is and what makes a Christian filmmaker.

The camera department is where feels most at home.

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Currently a senior at Biola University, she majors in sociery production, but is also currently exploring the areas of journalism and media management. The planning and creation of short documentary projects with a special emphasis upon collaboration. Biola’s Cinema and Media Arts major seeks to usher in a biolx renaissance in media arts.

In Japan, Stephanie most enjoyed the friendly people she met and talented actors she worked with during her time in the beautiful country.

Study of theoretical approaches to the First Amendment as well as specific areas of concern to professional journalists such as defamation, privacy, fair trial, obscenity, copyright, shield laws, sunshine laws, etc.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Jadon Gauthier was born and raised in good old Bakersfield, CA. Not to be forgotten, Casey says, was the experience of having his trusted teammates put vegetables up his nose when he fell asleep after a long day of shooting. A major goal is to become adept at reading and evaluating research reports.

Cinema and Media Arts, B.A.

Given Hollywood’s global influence, this event attracts participants from around the world and has grown into the largest gathering of Christian media professionals in the nation. When he graduates, Austin looks forward to his future as a filmmaker. On Jitensha, Nathan served as Director of Photography. Covers all aspects of directing for motion pictures guerillla television. Exploration of digital audio editing. Mission Biola’s Cinema and Media Arts major seeks to usher in a new renaissance in media arts.


TV story structure, scene writing, note-taking, and collaboration will all be addressed. Includes emphasis on the director’s role fikm responsibility in the following stages: Through an introduction to the building blocks of visual storytelling, students will learn to use film grammar to tell their stories fuerilla.

It was his job to keep the shoot running smoothly, field questions from the crew, but most importantly to make sure that the film was finished on schedule.

We have valuable resources Contemporary Music Center For musicians or sound recorders who wish to work behind the scenes in the music industry, this program gives you a semester-long opportunity to study the music industry.

When he graduates he plans to begin working in Christian ministry with the hopes of one day becoming a creative pastor in a local church. While in Japan, Nathan enjoyed keeping warm with cans of hot chocolate from various vending machines. Trouble with a projector prevented a comprehensive website walkthrough, but attendees could still explore the new URL on two nearby computers. Students conduct an audience analysis, focus societh and research project.

Though the filmmaking process was filled with many challenges, he was blessed with a hard working camera crew who made the visuals what they are. These committed Christians work throughout the Entertainment Industry, allowing Biola students to draw upon their socifty and connections.

He fell in love with moviemaking at a young age when he became entranced by the fantasy of time travel in the Back to the Future films. Producing and planning are her primary areas of expertise. Send Page to Printer. Special emphasis will be given to cultural criticism locating films in their unique time and place. Projects can include scripts, audio recordings, video, motion pictures, and other emerging media. The Writing for Film and Television concentration covers the fundamental elements of storytelling—from conception bikla pitch and the outlineto execution the scriptto the all-important rewriting and polishing process.

Entirely computer-based exploration of developing, composing, recording, mixing and posting audio for film, television and recording arts. This course will test biols commitment, aptitude and stamina for work within the entertainment industry.


The duties of a ‘media director’ inside the local church are explored. Christian loves storytelling, and plans to pursue his dreams of being an aerial cinematographer and documentary filmmaker around the world. This course covers what a producer does to create a budget, to find financing, to manage the production process, and to market and distribute a film or television project.

He is also grateful to have been able to attend a church supportive of the fine arts. In addition, students will receive guidance geared toward final preparation for entering into executive positions in the entertainment industry.

How did I get here? Skylar’s goal in studying film is to share great, meaningful stories with the world. Guerilla Film Society, a campus club mostly comprised of film majors, averages about 30 to 50 attendees at each weekly meeting, Hensley said. Includes emphasis on structure, especially the hero’s journey, archetypes, genre and story outline. He looks forward to seeing how the film is received by both the Japanese and American audience.

The course will be offered with a rotating series of subjects and professors focused upon film or broadcast history. Yu Shibuya lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Cinema and Media Arts, B.A. < Biola University

Sophias Sophia is Greek for wisdom and is the name of the club for the support of female film majors. Now studying Film Production and Business Administration at Biola University in Southern California, she plans to continue to pursue her goal of creating documentary or cultural feature films around the world. Biola’s proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry affords CMA majors prime internship opportunities.

A rotating variety of topics and production experiences often employing special guests from within the media industries.

Biola offers several off-campus study opportunities fitting for students earning a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Media Arts. Documentary Credits 3 The planning and creation of short documentary projects with a special emphasis upon collaboration. Developing a master CD is the final project of the class. Scenes and sequences will be written by students during the course.