This is a great service though, thank you for this website it helps me a lot. Been in a battle with cinemas to try and get them to improve their sites so subtitled films are easier to find. Having subtitles at the Cinema is important for Deaf people to understand and to really enjoy the film they are watching, Especially if it is narrated, and occasionally a film will end on a narrative ending, which is very frustrating as the ending can be a explanatory conclusion to the film and deaf people can’t hear it. News Find out all the latest from Cabot Circus – including store openings, events, fashion and food news and much more. I have got together with several ‘hard of hearing’ friends and am thinking of cinema outings to captioned films. Audio description is good for my friend who has really bad eyesight so she doesnt miss what is going on.

He spanks her again. If you don’t know when they show them its really hard work! In all of those years my dear wife has sat in the cinema describing as quietly as she could the movies to me, but often feeling that she had done an inadequate job. AD allows my son to visit the cinema with his friends and watch the latest movies and not feel left out. Brand new to Showcase Cinema de Lux is XPLUS, which features a giant wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen, next generation projection giving crystal clear definition for the best and brightest picture in either 2D or 3D. I went with my cousin and two other hearing friends. After all there are many performances they can attend without sub-titles. In fact, I got the impression, that the staffs attitude was, how dare you complain and interrupt us chatting!

Wife needs subtitles, usually Sunday mornings seem to be subtitled but just checked for deadpool and it is on at huddersfield on a week night.


They charge you quite a bit extra for this, but as you have a bit more seating room and a little more privacy, it used to not bother me that much in the past. It’s not just about films.

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And with ageing, loss of some hearing and sight is inevitable. If only cinemas would do this with more movies.

Please can every film be subtitled. Reviewed 1 week ago. They hope to take in one small child but when they meet bluewarer siblings, including a rebellious 15 year old girl Isabela Monerthey find themselves speeding from zero to three kids overnight.

They are there to serve the customer and make sure that the customer has a good experience.

I could take my grandchild along to the new ones but he’s only 2, probably a bit young. It has been amazing to have the films subtitled and I do appreciate it.

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This is a great idea however, it would be nice if you made the times more accessible for a lot more people. Tricycle Cinema shows subtitled films at 2. Set in the s, Marvel Studios’ “Captain For a blind person like me, audio description makes sense of the film. But I’m a space-buff, I just had to catch bliewater on a huge screen.

Most conversations go through one ear and out the other, not stopping at our brain! That’s the same for lots of my deaf friends and thousands of deaf people in the UK. Being deaf, I find non-subtitled films not enjoyable any more.

Let’s make films accessible to all, subtitles and audio description. Considering what we were charged, I cannot say that I had value for money! This is absolutely an improvement for me, it really makes a difference. spwctre


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Anyway without the subtitles my mum wouldn’t have cinfma a clue what was going on and to be honest neither would I and I’m not even deaf! I saw Interstellar last weekend and although I’m profoundly deaf I thought it was way too loud.

I don’t believe this option is even available in the states. Reviewed 2 weeks ago. The screening was packed.

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Without subtitles the world of cinema and television simply cannot be accessed, enjoyed or shared. My two boys are aged 6 and 9 and require access to subtitled films. Vue made my year! Guardians bluswater the Galaxy was really good, I loved Rocket the most. She relies on subtitles at the cinema otherwise she would not follow the film. News Find out all the latest from Cabot Circus – including store openings, events, fashion and food news and much more.

Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives blueawter two of his standout originals’s ‘Unbreakable’ and last year’s ‘Split’–in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: I watched the original in the cinema with my Dad when I was a kid, and watched the later ones with my kid.

We will be back for Star Wars 7! All reviews comfy seats great film plenty of leg room showcase cinema picture quality star wars sound quality hot drinks standard seating bar area monday and tuesday blue water insider imax gallery films bluewater.