The songs are great but the story is not that good. Which film are you most excited about? It was nominated for 5 Golden Raspberry Awards in , but received none. A Spirited Beginning 3 Ninjas: I believe that if we want to be respected then we should actually make an effort to be an important part of society, instead of being obsessed with fashion, or overly girly as if we can’t cope with anything important. Susie Singer Carter also wrote and produced the film for Lionsgate but lost her credit in a Writers Guild arbitration, Then her name appears as screenwriter on the final movie poster.

In the end, there is a tie. They are teaching young girls all the wrong things. And a big mention to two little parts – Yasmin’s younger brother and Meredith’s younger sister, although it’s not so hot when he seems to fancy her. But the devious school president Meredith runs the school like a military operation, and has everyone grouped into cliques or gangs, like Cheerleaders, Bloggers, Goths and Loners. Retrieved December 5, And though Cameron and Dylan, the two Bratz Boyz, are meant to be cute, they’re also a bit nerdy really. I loved this movie, it was totally cool and I would love to see it again!

After the talent show, the girls win the scholarship, which they later give to Cloe and are offered an appearance at a red carpet by an MTV VP. I had to watch it with my cousin and I think it’s not really for younger kids.

It’s more for girls that are into shopping and make-up. Girlz Really Rock Nintendo DS Microsoft Windows. Bratz also known as Bratz: Sibging by Carter Bryant.

Retrieved March 7, Sales for the soundtrack were good and the album remained on the Billboard charts for three weeks, peaking during its second week at position Rock Angelz Soundtrack Bratz: The girls that play the Bratz are too old and my cousin didn’t really understand it, it is really for teenagers.


And though Cameron voiec Dylan, the two Bratz Simging, are meant to be cute, they’re also a bit nerdy really.

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They also try to get the other schoolmates to socialize outside their cliques but their attempts fail when Meredith’s 2nd “Super Sweet 16” party ends disastrously and Meredith tries blackmail using an embarrassing photo to have them seated with their original cliques, which backfires. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bratz film. It’s just teaching girls completely the wrong way to think and act. It was nominated for 5 Golden Raspberry Awards in mogie, but received none.

It was brilliant and I wish I could see it again. A Spirited Beginning 3 Ninjas: British Board of Film Classification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The songs are great but the story is not that good.

The other two Bratz, Sasha and Cloe, are just totally unbelievable, played by actresses who look far too old – Cloe the blonde one seems like she’s 33, not 13, which she’s probably meant to be at the start of the movie.

And there are loads of familiar songs that make you wanna dance and sing! Retrieved from ” mvie She does not like the independent spirit of the four girls and plots to destroy their friendship and make them conform to her pre-fabricated cliques. More Info TV and film Votes: The Movie and I finally watched it with my friend Caitlin. Audible Download Audio Books.


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Girl sjnging Rouge were invited to do Portuguese versions of the Bratz songs for the Brazilian release of the film. Adam de la Pena David Eilenberg. In the end, there is a tie. The game’s plot mirrored that of the film and players are tasked with completing goals and errands in order to progress the story along. Skyler is Jon Voight’s God daughter.


When I saw it at the cinema there were no little children only teens. They are teaching young girls all the wrong things.

Bratz is the best thing in the whole world. She was my favourite and she had the best voice.

It’s the sort of film you can watch over and over again. And Meredith arriving at her party on an elephant and then falling in the swimming pool.

This movie basically tells the story of four girls, who are what bgatz Bratz dolls would be like if they were real.

I think everyone should go see it! This article needs additional citations for verification.

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This film was distributed by Lionsgate, who also distributed The Punisher live-action film starring Thomas Jane. Films directed by Sean McNamara. Showing all 14 items. It’s better than High School Musical.

Motion Picture Soundtrack Sasha comes a close second.