It sure was nice to see some old familiar names today. Oh wow, thank you!!! Thank you for letting us know. It was never about the content or the subscribers, it all about the money. And the more I learn the more I appreciate a good recap. A huge part of the reason I barely watch dramas anymore is the lack of honest discussion and all the good sites closing down.

For drama recaps, GB and JB were the best but they rarely write recaps now. We have to be careful with our words. I lost interest in American shows in the early s and kdramas were my refuge. Thank you for letting us know. Thanks for sharing such kind of great information. Japanese, Korean, Chinese mostly Mandarin, and Thai. I discovered K-dramas on Netflix but quickly discovered Dramafever so I do thank them for giving me an avenue of legal and safe drama watching. The days when I enjoyed reading different recaps here and on dramabeans were really fun.

Look what the closing of DF brought back into the interwebs! Thanks for sharing such kind of great information.

It feels like the end of an era, not just with DF, but as you said with the OG peeps and sites. I am eternally grateful!! You should rewatch R after the subs were edited and song lyrics added.

Really brings out the nostalgia of the very good days gone by when you mention all our fav sub sites WithS2 etc and all our virtual friends, samsooki, Langdon, ,ysoju, beloved thundie I hope and epsode she is well nowsemi-fly, MrX et al.

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What matters to me is staying true to what you enjoy and appreciating the takeaways from that experience. I am not a fan of the fangirling that goes on in the feed and mysoiu recaps are nowhere near as good as before, but I still feel the DB hate on this site seems bitter and unwarranted. They have all but disappeared completely so the site feels more like a Soompi Forum with recaps.


Waiting for the torrents. Rich Man Poor Woman! Despite the quality and popularity issues with the Kdramas in recent years, for me it still provides the escapism I need and the fantasy of a different and interesting culture, and of course the camaraderie of fans and the nostalgia. Nride mother is better now and is no episoed bedridden, but my parents still watch Asian Dramas.

Then you have the option to get a premium membership for interrupted viewing. Dramafever was a shitty site to begin with. DF shirting dkwn was not because of an issue of a decline in profit or interest that led to its shutdown.

If you read through the comments and now they set up some fan oof for the beanies, you can smell the hypocrisy from miles ahead.

It was vault of doom: The comment section is meh these days. KP and DB are not competing against each other. A huge part of the reason I barely watch dramas anymore is the lack of honest discussion and all the good sites closing down. Even freaking Big, which I loved.

It is too dangerous to comment on your blog these days. You could tell how much effort and time a good subber put into a drama.

I often wonder how everyone has been. And the more I learn the more I appreciate a good recap. Dramabeans is still the best drama recap site. I liked it when Girlfriday and Javabeans were the main recappers.

Koalasplayground has changed too. Or criticise dramas that you liked? Thank you DF and everyone who loved and continues to love K-dramas. I tried Philippine dramas but they are very strict with copyright and are taken down fast. Yeahh lifes goes on.

Dramafever Shuts Down Abruptly After 9 Years of Mainstreaming K-drama Watching

And your paopeis must be all grown up by now. So I scoured the interwebs to find just about every South Indian film or drama you recommended and then realized I needed mysojju bite the bullet and check out these Korean dramas you were praising. Maybe it is just that they are in a growing stage trying to figure out how to convert their machine from live shooting to successful pre-produced dramas.


They make me laugh and at the same time thought provoking. I also eventually subscribed to Viki. We got new hobbies who said obsessions? When Dramafever started it felt nice to get the dramas legally. I rarely watch a Kdrama these days.

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They will also be known by the American audience and gain International recognition. Hi So sad to hear about DF shutting down. Has is ever occurred to 11 that the people there might just be genuinely civilized and capable of mature dialogue without resorting to the ad hominem and petty drama that is so endemic to this particular community of fans? I started to get the impression it was much more of a chore than a pleasure. Seems to me you all are just bitter because there is a relatively safe and civilized place to have drama discussions.

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What a time it was!! I remember the time when we had to wait for a week or two for good quality subs. Sadly a slice of that pie got smaller today with the abrupt and complete shutdown of OG K-drama streaming site Dramafever, which was launched insold to Softbank, and then sold to Warner Bros.