Belker busts a tough kid named “Fetch” who bites and runs drugs; Russo and Flaherty bust a disowned snitch who tips them to a mobile drug lab, but the bust literally goes up in flames. A prostitute anxious to shield her pimp lodges a complaint of sexual harassment against officer Kate McBride; Goldblume takes his frustrations out on a rookie who lost Buntz catches a mugger only to lose him when the victim won’t press charges. A sculptor refuses to let anyone remove his obscene work of art. Life in the Minors. Bonus content from series DVD box set. Goldblume has to protect a parade by neo-fascists.

Furillo backs a loan for his brother, whose construction company is in debt after missing a completion date on a project. For the second consecutive episode, Lieutenant Goldblume conducts Roll Call. Furillo must mediate between Mayor Cleveland and his wife when their son is arrested on a narcotics charge, and is also placed in charge of a special corruption taskforce by Chief Daniels. Fay finds out why Judge Grogan is avoiding her. Men are still being kidnapped, stripped naked and robbed by three prostitutes in a black van. Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart? Banshee deberia estar, pero supongo que no es tan conocida como las otras.. Borquez , Mark R.

Councilman Wade, out for personal glory, repeatedly jeopardizes the precinct’s battle against drugs; he ends up shooting an unarmed juvenile dealer, claiming self-defense, and is arrested by Washington. A baseball player stopped on a DUI is found to have a stash of drugs in his trunk.

Bates is injured in a brawl and is invited on a date by the doctor who re-inflates her collapsed lung. Bates misses the streets and the camaraderie with other street cops but Furillo encourages her and tells her it is time she put on her sergeant’s stripes.

He borrows money and leaves again. Inspector Joe Keenan comes to blows with Frank concerning overlapping jurisdiction between the precinct and Special Narcotics. Furillo takes them out to lunch to solve the problem, but relationships remain tense.


John Gennaro, an action film star, visits the Hill in order to prepare for his next film role. In court, the prosecution of Mrs. Winner People’s Choice Award.

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New ADA Davenport faces opposition when she decides to prosecute three white teens for the death of a young black athlete; Furillo’s car accident starts an John Gennaro insists on tagging along with Belker, much to Belker’s annoyance.

After the TV crew is involved unauthorized, thanks to LaRue in a liquor store stakeout that turns deadly, the TV presentation is favorable to Hill Street. Fabian goes to live with Sergeant Bates, who was later to adopt the boy. Joyce accuses Furillo of failing to protect her, resulting in recovering alcoholic Furillo purchasing a fifth of Scotch. Esterhaus is shocked when Grace bares all in the roll-call room.

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Conrad’s name appears in the opening credits through episode Sid and Buntz wrestle with 80 lbs. Furillo calls Goldblume off the murder investigation of his wife’s rapist; Bates has furiol with an insolent rookie; Mayo and Garibaldi bust a bogus cable TV This episode marks the first appearance of Ken Olin Harry Garibaldi. LaRue and Renko try to use evidence money and a phone number found on a dead courier to complete the “buy” and bust a big case, but it gets them into deep water when the erstwhile buyers turn out to be FBI agents conducting a sting.

Furillo talks to the officers covering for Nash capitn persuades them to change their statements and tell the truth; this leads Nash to resign.

Both Joyce and Frank wonder if they did everything fufilo could have to prevent it. At a condemned building site, Hill and Renko try to persuade a black grandmother that she has to move while Goldblume tries to keep an old man afraid of his new living Later at a capihan incident, Nash uses excessive force and seriously wounds a suspect, for which Hill later covers, also persuading Renko, Bates, and Coffey to do likewise.


Hill and Renko remain at odds over Andy’s apparent cowardice, which leads to no one wanting to partner with Andy. Buntz chooses to be the one who arrests the loan shark who clipped his finger; though he tries furiloo a clean bust, the loan shark capltan a gun, and Buntz is forced to shoot him.

The rats return; Esterhaus is hospitalized for tests; Bates, Coffey and Joyce try to protect a woman and her children from her abusive husband; the latest cop killing Judge Wachtel sentences a slumlord to live in one of his own buildings.

Detective Mizell [3] undercover narcotics clashes with Washington and LaRue during a meeting with “Sid the Snitch” set to become major characterand later also with Furillo. Esterhaus proposes to Grace Gardner, but is rejected. Michael Wagner Teleplay by: Outstanding Directing — Drama Series. Officers Coley and Lyle, prominent figures of early series three episodes who had looked like new regulars, are discovered by LaRue and Washington to be corrupt – both are arrested and suspended.

Esterhaus is said to be in hospital for tests. Washington goes undercover on Benedetto’s loan shark scheme; Hill and Renko, desperate for cash since the payroll talks are stalled, find a suitcase full of