Now I have 13 rounds to pull and reload. The accuracy was there for it, along with about ” of drop at 60 yards. I am shooting both the Lee and gr bullets. I would like to see a grain run at close to manufacture specs. Just wondering what you based the max load on. MAX and you will be fine. This is a new rifle to me, only had it a few months, and to be truthful, l have a gas issue with it that seems to have been fixed with the addition of a gasket made from welding wire. Accuracy-wise there is no difference between them.

My previous tests of 7. My original reason for selecting the X39 cartridge for a sporting rifle is that several powders can be selected to yield capacity loads for optimum ignition with a very low variance in velocity numbers to gain accuracy and break 1MOA accuracy with terminal ballistics similar to the Winchester with cast bullets for hunting. I was glad to be able to use info from here on the site to get me a good start. If any of you more experienced peoples out there in Taurusland have any pointers, tips, or interesting information and anecdotes, I’d be glad to hear them. This began my affair with. He also mentioned that R-7 was a good powder choice but I think that the article predates R Thansk for all the help!

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. It was also recommended to me by several cast bullet shooters to do it this way since Lee doesn’t make a. Should have some cartridges loaded tonight. GC with a Lee. Every rifle is different, so remember that my results may not be the same as yours. Has anyone tried IMR in the 7. Be very careful, you could ruin both springs and your sear and trash byllet rifle, then you will have to get new parts from Russia.

I have not slugged the barrel yet, but will do so today. To anger liberal, tell them the truth. You are not logged in. The upper right hole is a double strike.


The 2 nd amendment is not about hunting or shooting sports, it is about the citizens bullet this country having the means to protect themselves and the states from the tyranny, oppression, and misery of an over powering government. Called 2 stores, neither fod it in stock. I will not guarantee this will work for you and do not know your skill level, but this is what worked for me.

I think I just bought a mold identical to yours on another board.

I skipped over the Safe casting and shooting! I’ve actually decided to sell the Yugo. The Remington Spartan rifle is imported from Russia and is an inexpensive utility rifle that is built like a tank with a 10 pound trigger pull. The best features of the 8. When you are loading the small charges of is there a lot of empty space in teh cartridge? Welcome to the campfire “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

My first results are making me optomistic. Since trigger work it shoots very well too:. None of them cycled the action at all. Make sure your bullets fit the throat to avoid deep disappointment. Then load and shoot,I use the same bullet in my Mosin 54r and Sav. The rear driving band casts. I use a light double coat of Lee Alox thinned with mineral spirits first coat goes on the bullet as cast,then I apply the GC with a Lee.

I struck out on I also found the thread here in the cookbook column talking about just what I was asking about where Ed Harris gives guidance using These bullets have only one grease groove, which is enough and a substantial crimp groove.

I chose to start at With cast bullets the minimum load with which functions the SKS with the Lee. My rifle is not a semi-auto but is a Remington Spartan single shot. Some great info in there. I was warned that after this modification the rifle will not like to fire ammo with the hard thick skinned Russian primers, but I only use CCI primers and have had no misfires from light firing pin strike. The SKS is more reasonable, about ” and is still a real bargain these days.


My search, as always, stems from my desire to have inexpensive but fully functional range ammo. Ed Harris was kind enough to share his loads with me. It is a Russian firearm and Smithies are very concerned about getting new parts from Russia if they make an error.

gr ” load for x39

The time now is PLease let us know how you are doing with your Zastava mini mauser 7. I use alot of it in my savage’s. I just don’t like it as well as the chinese. I tried these projectiles after running one batch through a. The only common cast bullet designs which are correct for the my original NEI designs for x399 caliber and the Lee.

The accuracy was there for it, along with about ” of cawt at 60 yards.

150 gr .312″ load for 7.62×39

If you are new to cast bullet shooting or not inclined to do a lot of experimenting, I recommend It’s a know fact that using different alloys bhllet affect bullet dia, as well as weight I use WW alloy and my Lee. The 25 degree temps we’re having here now may open up my groups a little what with my teeth chattering. The old standard is “slug first” then size to fit. Since I am shooting these out of a Loqds Rifle, I don’t care about cycling.

I got the data from the Lee 2nd edition book with the newest cast bullet data.