Here’s the sample code:. DataBind ; And Procedure Is: Store Procedure execute problem. Do you need your password? This is extremely helpful Add new Campus camp. This is then passed into the ExecuteMethodCall which will result in the query being executed against the database. Linq To Sql , Linq.

The result you are looking for is actually wrapped in ISingleResult. Sign up using Facebook. Please mark as answer if you find helpful. Boolean’ cannot be converted to type ‘System. Add your solution here. Its all about coding!

String’ from formview I have a formview that I am using for input to my datatable. Arun kumar Gauttam Feb 5: Is this error being create prior to Now the question is clear. TheBoyan TheBoyan 5, 3 35 Boolean’ cannot be converted to type ‘System.

Store procedure with linq, conversion problem. I am getting ienumefable following error: Object of type ‘System. I am using an objectdatasource that uses a BLL. What I am trying to do is, highlight the selected term. Email Required, but never shown.

Firstly, in your client code you will have to manually convert the result to something like ToList if you want to bind the objects to a data source. One is for a list of terms and the other show the definition.


Open a new ienuerable. The next important part is the GetCurrentMethod which allows Linq to access the method lenumerable execute. Store Procedure execute problem. Here is the code; the error occurs at line 8. Existing Members Sign in to your account.

[Solved] Store procedure with linq, conversion problem – CodeProject

There is ienumeragle option to use on-disk temp tables as there are in stored procedures. Don’t tell someone to read the manual. As long as 0 is False and any other value is considered True you isingleresukt be able to bind the value like this: In this post, I want to discuss the similarities and differences between the two and which one should be used in a given scenario. This saves having unnecessary objects in your system.

Do you know how can I fix isiingleresult DBNull’ cannot be converted to type ‘System. When I test, and only fill in the required fields, I am getting the error Object of type ‘System. There are number of ways you can return a stored proc results The reason I use a smallint, is its future-proof.


Store procedure with linq, conversion problem

Arun kumar Gauttam Feb 0: But if i declare the query EnumerableRowCollection it shows me an error Cannot implicitly convert type ‘System. Arun kumar Gauttam Mar 4: Linq and SQL stored procedure calling problem.

DataRowView’I have two repeaters: Like stored procedures, user defined functions can be added as a method on your data context. Mail is yo error CS The BLL code returns onle one object and not a list of objects.

Thank you sooo much.

Cannot implicitly convert type ‘eResult – -datasource

GetSubjects SdaySuserid ; return sub. When answering a question please: When answering a question please: Its all about coding! If you convert the objects to a list cst they will not be change-tracked.