This build could be easily played in the new talisman leagues, as I originally made this character back in Torment. I personally went through about 8 blue Vagan daggers before I got mine. Molten Strike – created by ShamefulPenguin. Flameblast – created by brant I go for reduced charge use there. This general type of build is not unique, but this is my personal take on the classic Cyclone CoC Discharge that has been popular for a while. Immortal Call – created by ZekeAsakura. Templar – created by alan

They give a lot of crit and a lot of ES. Requires Level 35 , 53 Str, 53 Int. Cyclone – created by Cathedraler. Tornado Shot – created by minimakier. Voll’s Protector Holy Chainmail. Righteous Fire – created by lucksickle.

If you take enough aura nodes you can Blasphemy a vischarge aura, Enfeeble. Cyclone with zero power charges Cyclone with 6 power charges and 3 frenzy Discharge with 5 endurance and 6 power charges and 3 frenzy charges.

The reason a Voll’s Protector is so good though is because of it’s unique mod “Gain a power charge for EACH enemy hit by a critical strike”.

[2.2] Rowan’s Cyclone CoC Discharge-Tanky, High Damage, Life Based (Even Budget)

CI – Tri Curse. Dual Strike – created by Educmack.


Budget, all content Duelist – created by Ygorl. It gives us the ability to not have to worry about mana, ever. Raging Double Striker Kitava’s Feast. You can go Chain belt for the ES, studded belt for the stun, etc.

Immortal Call – created by ZekeAsakura. Templar – created by incredibie.

Cyclone – created by kira Ice Nova – created by Darkblitz9. Wild Strike – created by Cchris Volatile Dead – created by Ghazzy. Also feel free to help fill in any more missing stats you need.

After that, go up towards Nightstalker and Written in Blood, then diischarge Phase Acro, and finally start heading left across dischharge tree. Vortex – created by davydavidsson. Requires Level 7098 Str, Dex, Int. You can also use Rainbowstrides.

Freezing Pulse – created by ichigokurosaki The problem is, there are quite a few great support gems, and I personally cant decide what is best. Synthesyst Dec 18, Helmet Rat’s Nest is amazing for this build. Dual Strike – created by Zambash.


Molten Strike – created by fjtheknight. Rowanbladex Dec 16,9: Fire Trap – created by Melnevacor. Ice Spear – created by Doombug Molten Strike – created by Sharoplet.

Arc – created by kanzaki Barrage – created by tpwz Defaceo Dec 14, Definitely going to try this one as soon as Vagan decides to have a decent dagger in stock: Ball Lightning – created by Crackmonster.

Path of Exile Builds – [] | Builds List

Essence Drain – created by Ghazzy. Vortex – created by GodofRabbits. Ranger – created by Noskill. Incinerate – created by Scorage.

Spin 2 Win 1 PoB. Although a great leader during the war, Voll proved disastrous in times of peace. Essence Drain – created by Desire It needs only your loyalty.