The issuing customs authorities shall take any steps necessary to verify the originating status of the products and the fulfillment of the other requirements of this Protocol. These measures shall be applied for a period not exceeding three years and shall cease to apply at the latest by the end of the third year from the date of entry into force of the Agreement. This does not mean that both have to be used; it is possible to use one or the other or both. Use the HTML below. Other vessels, including warships and lifeboats other than rowing. Turkey and Latvia establish a free trade area upon the entry into force of this Agreement, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and in conformity with those of the GATT and the WTO. Turkey shall inform Latvian side on the progress made in this respect between Turkey and the EC. Other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, cut to size or shape.

The value of the non-originating ingot is thus not taken into account when adding up the value of the non-originating materials used. For the purpose of implementing this Agreement, the following products shall be considered as originating in Turkey: Evidence that the conditions set out in paragraph 1 have been fulfilled shall be supplied to the customs authorities of the importing country by the production of: For the purposes of heading Nos ex , to , ex , ex and ex , the “specific processes” are the following: The term “agricultural products” for the purpose of this Agreement means the products falling within Chapters 1 to 24 of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System and the products listed in Annex I. For the purposes of this Protocol: Originating products, sent for exhibition in a country other than those referred to in Articles 3 and 4, and sold after the exhibition for importation in a Party shall benefit on importation from the provisions of the Agreement provided it is shown to the satisfaction of the customs authorities that:

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The customs authorities of the exporting Party may authorize any exporter who makes frequent shipments of products under this Agreement to make out invoice declarations irrespective of the value of the products concerned. Other vessels, including warships and lifeboats other than rowing.

Where exceptional circumstances requiring immediate action make prior examination impossible, the Party concerned may, in the case of Articles 16, 17, 18, 19, 25 and 26, apply forthwith the precautionary measures strictly necessary to remedy the situation.

The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to agricultural, processed agricultural and fishery products originating in the Parties.

In order to determine whether a product originates, it shall not be necessary to determine the origin of the following which might be used in its manufacture: The verification shall be carried out by the customs authorities of the exporting country. In the case of an article of apparel of ex Chapter 62 made from non-woven materials, if the use of only non-originating yarn is allowed for this class of article, it is not possible to start from non-woven cloth – even if non-woven cloths cannot normally be made from yarn.


Article 7 Insufficient working or processing operations 1. The Parties may instruct the Joint Committee to examine this request and, where appropriate, to make recommendations to them, particularly with a view to opening negotiations. Manufacture from non-modified mucilages and thickeners. Coffee, whether or not roasted or decaffeinated; coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion.

Printing accompanied by at least two preparatory or finishing operations such as scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, heat setting, raising, calendering, shrink resistance processing, permanent finishing, decatizing, impregnating, mending and burling where the value of the unprinted fabric used does not exceed The Parties shall grant and ensure the protection of intellectual property rights on a non-discriminatory basis, including measures for granting and enforcing such rights.

Sorbitol other than that of heading No The issuing customs authorities shall also ensure that the forms referred to in paragraph 2 are duly completed. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The provisions of Article 4 concerning the abolition of customs duties on imports shall also apply to customs duties of a fiscal nature. Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores; chemical products and preparations of the chemical or allied industries including those consisting of mixtures of natural productsnot elsewhere specified or included; residual products of the chemical or allied industries, not elsewhere specified or included: If this is not so, the products concerned shall be considered as originating in the country referred to in paragraph 1 which accounts for the highest value of originating materials used.

Trivia This movie was made and exactly these people were depicted in it, because the main character Eddie Edijs was a classmate of one of the producers Edgar. The endorsement referred to in paragraph 2 shall be inserted in the “Remarks” box of the mvoie movement certificate EUR.

Rules of Origin and Cooperation in Customs Administration. Article 39 Implementation of the Protocol The Parties shall each take the steps necessary to implement this Protocol. The discovery of slight discrepancies between the statements made in the proof of origin and those made in the documents submitted to the customs office for the purpose of carrying out the formalities for importing the products shall not ipso facto render the proof of origin null and void if it is duly established that this document does correspond to the products submitted.

It does not require that all be used.

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As of the entry into force of this Agreement, both Parties shall grant each other’s companies access to contract award procedures a treatment no less favorable than that granted to companies of any other country according to the provisions of their internal legislation. Procedure for the Application of Safeguard Measures. Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3, materials originating in the European Communities, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland within the meaning of the Agreements between Latvia and Turkey and these countries shall be considered as originating in Latvia or Turkey when incorporated into a product obtained there.


Other animals fats and oils and their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified: ARTICLE 26 Balance of Payments Difficulties Where either Party is in serious balance of payment difficulties or under threat thereof, Turkey and Latvia as the case may be, may, in accordance with the conditions laid down within the framework of GATT and with Article VIII of the Articles of Agreement of International Monetary Fund, adopt restrictive measures including measures related to imports, which shall be of limited duration and may not go beyond what is necessary to remedy the balance of payment situation.

Products, originating in one of the countries referred to in paragraph 1, which do not undergo any working or processing in Hungary, retain their origin if exported into one of these countries. Article 20 Issue of movement certificates EUR. Article 39 Validity and termination 1. Article 22 Approved exporter 1. Manufacture from materials not classified in heading Nos or The further treatment with hydrogen of lubricating oils of heading No ex e.

Firmly convinced that this Agreement will foster the intensification of mutually beneficial trade relations between them and contribute to the process of integration in Europe. This Agreement shall not prevent the maintenance or establishment of customs unions, free trade areas or arrangements for frontier trade to the extent that these do not negatively affect the trade between the Parties and in particular the provisions concerning rules of origin provided for by this Agreement.

Acyclic hydrocarbons for use as power or heating fuels. By means of an exemption to the provisions contained in paragraph 1, when products originating in a Party are imported into a free zone under cover of a proof of origin and undergo treatment or processing, the authorities concerned shall issue a new EUR.

Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent a Party move taking any appropriate measure which it considers necessary: The rule for prepared foods of heading No.

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