This will delay the elevator for a while. The red astronaut is vaporized in an explosion. Click the guy in the sewer’s helmet … so it falls off. When the stickman tries to run, he’ll slip and stab himself in the chest with the spike, and the brick will hit the stickman who is waiting, and kill him. Choose a video to embed. Click on … the clouds overhead wind changes to make sure he can’t hit anything for now. Later a bird will fly into the window and kill the stickman, but he cant fall out the window as the suitcase blocks the window. Name required Email required Website.

He dies when he falls on his hammer. The treadmill speeds up and kills the astronaut there. This is different from level 2 of the first Causality game. Click the straps on the unsuited astronaut, and click the crane arm so it bends. The stickman in the sewer will notice the feces and jump, hitting his head on the edge of the sewer entrance, and killing himself. Holy Radioactive swimming-pools, Batman!

Fire kills causalitt, and film crashes onto guy asleep on toilet. There are 6 victims to kill. James October 31, at 1: Walkthrough links from YouTube or other sites are not allowed!

Click here to cancel reply. The treadmill speeds up and kills the astronaut there. It will go off and he will go left walkhhrough lean on the elevator button. How do you beat Causality 4? Scenes usually contain lots of brutality and blood.

Click on his to make him fall into the Green oozing pool. Quickly drop the security camera onto the policeman. After a great success of the first game, fast came other sequels: How do you beat the first level on causality?


It had all started when bored. If not, try again! Bleeding woman runs into trick-or-treater,killing him as Wolfman arrives to kill his friend.

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As the ferris wheel turns and becomes jammed, click the coaster survivor near the bottom, who falls onto candies man, and the remaining ferris gondola tips over. Click the nut and the squirrel climbs onto the roof, then it drops the nut and gets stuck in walktrhough chimney.

You kill her by clicking the ornate wall sculpture.

He will do a spin move and distract the skateboarder as the sign kills the ticket agent. All Stickmen must Die to complete the level. Click so he grabs it, then repeatedly to make him let go of the beam, and he floats into the solar panel.

Fire burn and cauldron bubble its Causality Halloween time!

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Click the luggage guy again to put him outside. Causality are basically point and click stickman games where the goal for the player is to cause the sequence of events which then results in, most often the brutal death of all stickmen involved in the scene. Click here to cancel reply. Click the guy in the sewer’s helmet … so it falls off. Click the ground archer, who gets in the walkturough.

Then, click on the stickmans head on the toilet a few time it flashes redand he will defecate. The roof will hit the stickman who is on the toilet, and he will die.

Click on the Suitcase thats in the top left of the attic.

An awesome warewolf or ware-stick-wolf will pounce in from the left of the screen and lunch on him. Fire alarm sends usher into theater. Split and merge into it.


How do you beat causality Halloween horror? As he is talking, click on his word bubble, and he will drop his pages. Other stickmen can’t see the others die. Weekly Most Popular Games. There are 7 guys to kill: Click the balcony support to drop all 3 onto the smoking busboy below. The Curse of Michael Myers walmthrough. The tower operator comes out to check on it.

Quickly click to clear the clouds over the moon outside. There are several in theseries see related link. Stickman Games All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners or authors. Click the small red button to send it up. There are 3 levels as usual in Causality 3.

Causality Halloween Horror

That’s 1 – Click the commander with the sword and he moves up, so you can click the drawbridge and crush him with it. The house has 3 floors, on the middle floor there is someone in their room using scissors to make their Halloween costume.

When the next arrives, the sign is down to two bolts. Frozen Land Elk Rescue.

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A bird will fly in later to kill the guy, and this keepshis body in the attic. Causality Halloween Horror Walkthrough. Level 2 Restaurant – There are 8 victims.