Fining of high-voltage cable manufacturers. Number of absences due to illness among EU officials within the Council. Religiosi come don Giampaolo e don Gianantonio, che hanno dedicato la propria vita ad aiutare il prossimo in contesti durissimi e spesso rischiosi, non possono e non devono essere abbandonati dalle istituzioni europee, che hanno il dovere di dispiegare tutti i mezzi disponibili per metterli al sicuro. Heeft de Commissie een behoorlijke effectbeoordeling van haar voorstel uitgevoerd? The winning company was registered on the Commercial Register only five days before the tendering date. Wie waren de ontvangers?

The Margo Jewish Cemetery is in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus but is also in a military zone, meaning that access to it is barred and has been since EGTOP doet in zijn eindverslag over de kasteelt de aanbeveling dat de uitzondering voor bestaande praktijken wordt gehandhaafd, maar dat een verdere uitbreiding van dergelijke systemen in de biologische teelt in deze of andere lidstaten wordt verboden. In che modo l’Unione europea potrebbe fornire il suo pieno sostegno alla Nigeria per porre fine a questi atti di violenza contro i civili? Key Data on Education in Europe Spetta ai tribunali nazionali competenti verificare e stabilire tutti i fatti pertinenti e far rispettare la legge vigente. The Commission will set up an experience sharing programme, to follow-up on the suggestions of the report. Is the Commission working to set up a single information base for illnesses which are similarly problematic?

Unfortunately, prremiere work on the port, which will lead to irreversible damage to the marine ecosystem, is still continuing, as in May, the dumping of material for the construction of the external sea wall began.

If so, can the Commission provide an overview of the dates on which the Netherlands Government consulted the Commission regarding the compliance of this proposal with European law, and the content and outcome of the consultations?

Has she had an opportunity to contact the Belarusian and Russian authorities to discuss the matter?

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

The two TLDs in question preniere be sold to the highest bidder, with no safeguards concerning geographical indication ee the relative brands. Research into addictive behaviours and dependences. What information is there on the allocation of financial resources to the disability sector in the other EU countries? As for the other corridors envisaged, common planning work will need to take place in this regard.


Alla Commissione non risulta che alcuno Stato membro abbia proibito l’allevamento dei conigli o ne abbia l’intenzione.

Health risks associated with using a mouthwash. In this context, the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action is currently preparing a 2-year Action Plan on youth and heavy episodic drinking binge drinking that will provide a reference for Member States and layys stakeholders to implement actions to reduce in particular heavy episodic drinking among young people.

Will the Commission also give crntrele to issuing a schedule or calendar of forthcoming calls for proposals under the EaSI programme in order to give interested parties a greater opportunity to plan their applications?

However, a great many EU companies which have contracts with Iran remain in difficulty. Does the Commission plan to be more involved in the monitoring of EU agencies in this respect, so as to avoid decisions being taken, reputations being tarnished and the safety of European consumers being put at risk, in the event of conflicts of interest?

The Commission will investigate these issues in-depth and will communicate its final position in the decision to close the formal investigation procedure. The annulment of the European directive requiring the retention of telephone and e-mail data for at least six months has been welcomed by civil liberties campaigners.

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The situation as regards youth unemployment seems especially alarming. Apologists for Franco acting with impunity in Navarre. While the position of the Baltic States cannot be compared with the situation in Ukraine or as regards Transnistria, the Commission and the HR are in constant dialogue with Member States over the impact and possible ramifications of recent developments in Ukraine.

Is the EEAS planning to analyse the real impact of the reforms that the Morrocan Government claims to have implemented?

Radicalisation of young jihadists in Europe. Can the Commission say whether sufficient EU resources are available to continue funding European programmes and if so for how long?


Foreign investment in agriculture and the case of Agrogeba. European Intergovernmental Organisations being sidelined in EU research planning.

What does the Commission think and how, should this be necessary, does it propose to ensure that this is so?

The preliminary design and environmental impact assessment are currently under consideration at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment so that it may issue the environmental impact statement. Interested parties can apply by submitting an application for the calls layx proposals published under the programmes.

In his answer the Commissioner stated that the Spanish authorities would be contacted in order to establish whether they were in breach of EU legislation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Children in Senegal subjected to begging and abuse. Such measures must be in accordance with the general principles of Union law, including fundamental rights. Teniendo en cuenta que:.

Since keeping transparent accounts is the only way to identify how public money is spent and whether it is used for other purposes then the ones foreseen, the Commission is currently monitoring the application of the abovementioned legislation in the rail sector within a number of Member Preniere, including Italy.

Others pemiere move to a different area. It should be noted, however, that its recommendations have not, at this point, been adopted by the Israeli government. The EU rules provide NRAs with tools to act in relation to any competition problems that exist within their national markets and to impose remedies on operators when appropriate.

Finally, a first Call for Proposals under the new Creative Europe programme on film literacy was published at the end of and is dd being evaluated.