Great actors and script amazing. The Tommy-Se Kyung conversation about the story of Alice in Wonderland ending with the sister’s half-dreaming state made me wonder whether the whimsical dream-like romantic climax complete with kiss on PSH’s part anyway and revolving background was real or imagined. Thank you so much writers for a good ending! Han Se-kyung then asks Cha Seung-jo fiercely on whom he actually is. She has to be home for him and show him that love beyond fear does exist. Shin In Hwa – nothing like the wrath of a scorned woman.

They pretend to exchange rings, and repeat their vows. The anger is back. Yes, Despite the angst, I actually like this episode. Thanks to kaedejun for the recaps. On to the next drama TS January 29, at 8: Page 1 Page 2 Next page. At first it was funny to watch him but little by little he kind of started annoying me with his weird character.

Thank you again for your cheomgdamdong and your patience: Moon Geun-young is also a good actress, although I do agree with you about her acting style being a subtle style.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 14 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

For a better and more heartfelt take on wealth and class, I recommend I Live in Cheongdam Dong instead.

Han Se-kyung Moon Geun-young believed in l’effort est ma forcemeaning “hard work is my strength. Regarding Yoon Joo I am glad that her past was finally revealed. chelngdamdong

Se Kyung reveals that Seung Jo has disappeared and he tells her to wait for him. I hope he will sign up for a new drama very soon. As Cha Seung-jo is reading the letter, he cries for the first time in many years.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Recap

Curioser And Curiosor January 22, at 5: She meets Ah-jung at a cafe, who still wonders what could have happened if Se-kyung promised to prove her love for Seung-jo no matter what. Han Se didn’t even do anything that shocking to get that gold digger reputation yet everyone was blaming her and making a huge fuss over it. Episode 3 by Regals. He demands that she bring back his son in one piece. Who didn’t really love her back after all even though he said so.


I literally backed up from my screen and gasped! Haven’t watched her in other dramas. The fabulous things are there because someone dreamed them first.

I wanted to do well. So her lie soothed his need for the fantasy. He didn’t have much to say and work with in my cheonbdamdong What can she possibly tell him at this point that will allow him to open up to her again? Once again, SJ is hurt. Her happy and relieved attitude in the last episode was so delightful to see.

To be honest, I did react to Yoon Joo’s saying to Se Kyung that she had to protect her man because his life depended on it, but I didn’t realize that Se Kyug liked this idea until she said it herself. I really enjoyed this story and I’m glad I watched it.

Eye Episodr January 22, at 2: He tries to find a way that true love exist, that it does not need to be only maintained through money. A rich businessman wants Tommy Hong to tell Han Se-kyung that he wants her as his outside lover.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. In any case, she turns to him and slowly, quietly, hesitantly begins to confess, even though he seems determined to live in his fantasy. Deep inside, he is a total wreck. Not getting this philosophy at all. Could it possibly be that In-hwa changed her mind at the last moment?

Thank you for the awesome review.

He gives her a famous brand’s bag as their break up present. I loved reading your epidode though! They walk down the aisle and the imaginary priest recites the vows. The last 5 minutes of episode 14 of Cheongdamdong Alice was the best plot development to happen in this drama for the past 6 episodes.


Cha Seung-jo goes to see his father, president Cha ll-nam of Royal Company, and in a disdainful tone, tells him that Artemis will not be a shop in the Royal Company’s shopping center. The Se-kyung she knows would never have run away.

She enlists Yoon-joo’s help and embarks on the project to become a “Cheongdam-dong daughter in-law,” a term referring to stylish young married women of the upper crust living in that wealthy neighborhood.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 14 Recap

I wanted to look good to the person who ceongdamdong me. In the end, we see it had a clear message: I really want to see Psycho-jo bring himself out of this with the support of the people who love him.

Instead of a fluffy love story, I got a story about personal growth as each character came to terms with reality and tried to find their place in this world. Then as she travels through the road she has chosen she also comes to realize that she would have episoce grow up and face the consequences of each choice.

Who is living in reality? As for YJ’s situation, I must admit I have flipped through the episode to see what will happen to her and then watched the episode completely. As she’s one of very few actresses I love the other being Kim sun ah her character in this chelngdamdong didn’t have much to work with.

She hurries out, almost gets hit by a car in her haste and tries not to panic. Se-kyung can barely breathe as the world around her swims before her eyes. Are we happy now? Se Kyung quietly says yes.