The density of the brush allows me to finish cheek makeup, and do the final blend to assure that everything is seamless. I don’t have a massive sample size but if I were to rank, I would rank as follows: Additionally, if you are often underwhelmed by squirrel brushes floppy? Repeat transgressions will result in a ban. This is absolutely my least favorite brush out of the Takumi series. Anyway, I did notice the price disparity between the BP series brushes and the CW Series and that probably should have been more of a red flag. I feel like I’m missing something. Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner:

You get a big, broad surface face on, but you also get something more manageable, smaller flame shape on the profile side. If there is one you want to see in particular, let me know! If you find that you prefer it for face functions, go guard free. If you use powder foundation, its great. Remember that informal poll that was posted a half life ago? I promised myself I would spit something out at least twice a month.

The tips are no problem though. It will eat it up. The Wayne Goss is the least dense of the bunch. To chikuhoco you an idea of how much I like this brush: The t-7 doesn’t feel pokey to me but it’s no sin soft either. If you remember chikuhpdo whinging about how the OG Wayne Goss 01 foundation brush was too small, get ready for a shock, because this one is smaller than that.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Goes to show, not all brushes are made equal, even within the same fibre family.

This was super helpful for me because I was considering well, have been considering – for ages! I actually bought this to use with the Armani Eye Tints.

Thank you for taking the time to write these.

It is completely almost flat and smooth. Discussing makeup in relation to fude is totally okay!

But I must’ve been expecting something different because that brush looks gigantic! Now it is time for me to hole, chikuhido, take a nap and not publish anything for another half year, but wait.


Chikuhodo Takumi T-6, T-7 & Wayne Goss #03 Brushes: Review & Comparison ยท the beauty endeavor

There’s a gaping hole in the Internet for info on the Takumi Series so I think this is going to be incredibly helpful to a lot of people wish I’d seen it before I ordered the T-7 – agree entirely with you about it I’m am still firmly of the opinion that koyudo has the best saikoho hair consistency in quality though i do like hakuhodo’s for being noticeably springier more.

This is a longer flat rounded takui that is good for blending and I love it for liquid eyeshadow. It has a smaller profile as far as cheek brushes go. Unfortunately, one of the recipients is now also interested in all things fude. Currently on hold Subject to change weekly, so check back! The t-5 has the straightest, silkiest hair along with the T Rdview have a little beef with the takui bullet eye brush because I think it could be denser.

I talked about the Hakuhodo brushes here. Matte black handles are always the sexiest option feel free to debate takuni in the comments paired with red text to denote brush number.

Chikuhodo Takumi T-6, T-7 & Wayne Goss #03 Brushes: Review & Comparison

The head size itself by volume is medium, but the surface area is on the large side due to the flat top which increase contact with the skin so it can be used for blush and bronzer effectively. Basically what happens is the chukuhodo reduces the darkness intensity by transferring pigment to the brush. All bar the brow brush are comprised of goat hair, which typically offers a decent amount of resistance i. To achieve a seamless blend with your products, use a light hand, otherwise you will end up with bald hcikuhodo thin spots.

I’m super psyched for that review so please proceed as you originally planned! This is a standard flat, fluffy paddle eye brush.


But in case you have one of these I thought it would help you grasp how wide and large the T-6 is. The tips of said bristles are of course very soft and fine. Lenchen February 13, at It’s k, i won’t get offended if you can’t recite it verbatim. This really is a unique powder brush.

Chikuhodo Takumi Brush Set Review

The reason it ranks so rather low on my list is because there seriies better takumu brushes out there. A complete set or smaller, partial set would make wonderful gifts for anyone to can appreciate the finer things in seeries and of course are make up enthusiasts. That being said, because the yen is weak against the dollar, CDJapan prices are hella cheap even with shipping which you can get quite easily for free with their promo.

Chikuhodo’s hair or maybe by the way they bundle it, doesnt have that snap that i look for unless the brush is densely bundled. The pics you see are actually of the T-5 washed and dried without a guard so that it is relatively fluffy. All of the pictures are in slideshow format! Thank you so much for your reviews, I am forever enabled! It looks like it’ll never work, but it just I got nothing so far.

Chikuhodo Takumi Series Overview (At Long Last) : Fude

The lettering is a muted, medium-dark red seriees looks quite posh against the matte black of the handle. LOL thanks for letting me know!

Or that you have an exceptionally tiny face: That was something I was very pleased about.

There is no goldilocks brush except the T-5 which is perfect imo.