Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Uprising , he put the usual series-end “previous” and “playlist” buttons at the top of the screen during the credits, complete with annotation links. He has also mentioned that he lived in Florida at some time. New Super Luigi U [67]. Ottawa the Samurott The Hero: Nothing left to do but purify every single last one of them before we can move on. Phoenix, Arizona , U.

Four Swords Adventures [77]. Alot of people were disappointed that my D. Retrieved November 20, To a lesser extent, Pango. Bulbapedia the Venusaur The Hero: Khold the Fearow The Lancer: In his Pikmin 3 Let’s Play, Chugga points out how beautiful and realistic the fruits look, and how incredibly thirsty he gets when they’re turned into succulent juices. Acrobat the Crobat The Chick:

Wes and Rui for ColosseumMichael for XDand Blair for Black and White the male protagonist’s official name is Hilbert, but Chugga elects to go with his name from a different adaptation, as he couldn’t take the name Hilbert seriously. Moment of truth, guys. Super Mario 64 DS [40].

Chuggaaconroy (Lets Play) – TV Tropes

Altair the Altaria The Chick: Gale of Darkness Chugga stood up for Trifecta the Dodrio and stated that he did not regret having it on his team, though he really does hope it can prove its worth in the postgame. The leaf doesn’t really give that many Pikmin though and dang those leaves look really nice. The nests of the Legendary Birds have been disturbed Said Boo does go in said hallway.

He has indicated that he might do Super Mario Galaxy 2 at some point, and ProtonJon has additionally stated in a livestream that Chugga is considering a playthrough of Sonic Adventure 2but thus far no definite plans have been revealed for either game.


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Partners in Time [52]. He has a thing for “chests”.

I am a total fucking nerd. He also picked “Palette” as the name of his Animal Crossing: U and New Super Luigi U.

Trifecta the Dodrio Tagalong Kid: Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Don’t worry though, Someone did eventually untie him. Gyarados went first and used Earthquake He also misread the name of the Tox Box enemies as ‘Toy boxes’.

Pandora the Absol Tagalong Kid: In-universe, he likes pointing it out when he sees it. Redundancy, thy middle name is I was just doing a thing. Roc cbuggaaconroy Archeops The Lancer: You know, these trees look really pretty, but at the same time when you think about what these trees probably are, it’s kind of gross. The Legend of Zelda: Corona the Typhlosion The Lancer: Don’t tell them, though.

He states many times in his Xenoblade LP that he is a Melia fanboy and always seems to gush over her.


After correctly guessing the lineup of a cjuggaaconroy trainer during Part 8 of FireRed: These things are adorable. The camera then zooms in on the black area to the left of the image of Red and Blue’s confrontation after their battle, before pulling back to reveal—accompanied by a tense, suspenseful epsiode following, final question.

U Wii U – YouTube”. At the end of Kid Icarus: This is not happening. And in this episode, with our awesome Goron rolling spikey-powers of spikes we are going to be going forth! Yoshi’s Woolly World [55]. So, this one-frame gag goes out to them!


Apparently, a lot of people took it seriously; he later felt it necessary to add a caption stating that his work was a parody and not a real LP. Pie in the Face: Insert some kind of Overwatch joke, I guess?

Go back up go back up go back up! That thing is made of wood! Dark MoonChuggaa invited guests to show off the multiplayer and he would keep the identity of the guest a secret until they introduced themself.

Chuggaaconroy at PAX West Mario Party 4 [69]. Call a Smeerp a “Rabbit”: Chugga uses a feminine voice for one of the pink Bob-ombs. Dark Moondue to gameplay mechanics revolving around “sucking”, “flashing”, and Spirit “Balls”.

Okami – Episode 70

I like how they wrote “food” backwards. Probably a game that you’ve heard of cnuggaaconroy to its critical acclaim and the many re-releases it’s seen across the last several years. He calls himself “spastic and always bouncing off the walls. Super Mario Sunshine [25]. He repeatedly mentions how horrible a game he finds Sonic Next Gen to be.