Tlie libretto is founded on the romantic, butnow disjjroved, story of the feud betweenthe two Moorish families the Zegris and theAbenceiTages, and the murder in the Alham-bra, by order of the sovereign of Granada,of all the jarinces of the latter name, on hisdiscoverj’ of illicit relations between one ofthem and his own wife or sister. He studied composition under Fetisin , and was a member of the orchestraat the Opera in the same year. Dardano,Prince of Thrace, Amadigi’s rival, plays aprincipal part in the earlier parts, and reap-pears after death as a ghost. Pupil in Berlin ofKlein and Zelter, settled as a physician atMiilheim, and composed many songs, whichbecame extremely popular, and rank amongthe best of their kind. Clement and Larousse,9 ; Hanslick, Moderne Oper, The articles, whether biographical or descriptive, are not based. Preludes for the organ Meissen ; 12variations and a fugue for do.

He ad-vanced the study and progress of churchmusic ill his college and cathedral, con-tributing services and about fifty anthems,original and adapted from Italian compos-ers. Requiem Mass for four voices and grand or-chestra ; O Salutaris hostia, for soprano andbass ; Verbum caro factum est, motet fortenor and bass. Vellus aureum, litanies of the Virgin, forfrom four to eight voices ; Corona stel-larum, motets for four voices Venice, Jerusalem, cantata ; The Widow of Nain,oratorio ; Anthems, services, pianoforte mu-sic, etc. De’ floridi virtuosi d’ltaliail terzo libro de’ madrigali a cinque voci,imovamente composto, etc. Pupil of the Naples Conservatorio,visited Paris in , and was engaged atthe king’s chapel. Handel’s workwas revived in , with changes by J. He also pub-lished some cantatas Rome,

Italy, indiedin Rome in Sep-tember, 1G After havingproduced his first opera inhe livedfor several years cineema Paris and London, andin the former place was much aided by in.

Estrella, daughter of Mauregato, isbeloved by Adolfo, her father’s generalis-simo, but meets Alfonso, while hunting, andloves him. Of the same title is an opera in three acts,music by Mengozzi, represented at theTheatre des Varietes, Montansier, Feb.


The jDoem, the second of Dry-den’s odes for St.

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Paris, Ballard, ; Harmonia sacra,etc. Achille a Soyros, cakpobasso ballet in. Devoting him-self now chiefly to the dramatic style, hetook Graun and Hasse for his models, andwith the opera buffa, II filosofo convintoin amore, performed at the theatre in Pots-dam,won the applause of Freder-ick the Great, who conferred upon him thetitle of Hofcomponist court-composer in The instrumentation is verysuitable and effective.

Of his compositions the text of which healso wrote there remain 34 chansons fora single voice ; 16 jeux-partis ; 17 ron-deaux and 17 motets for three voices ; thefamous Jeu de Bobin et Marion. His compositions,in the style of Lotti, often performed inhis time, remain in MS. In he became a chorister inSt. The Orphan’s Prayer,and Crazy Jane.

Les nations, cantata, Paris, ; Chant maestoos victoire, do.

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Churchcomposer, became maestro di cappella atthe cathedral of his native citj’ iu Fotis ; Men-del, Ergdnz. He began his professional life in the ser-vice of the Emperor Matthias ; subsequentlywent to Rome, where he became maestrodi cappella at the German College before1at the Church of S.

The same as the Muses, au op-era-ballet by the same authors, given theyear before, with an additional act. Dramatic com-poser, chef d’orchestre at the Odeon, andafterwards at the Theatre Fran9ais.

Full text of “Lean’s collectanea”

His father, aeilk manufacturer, intended him for thesame business, but his love of music was toostrong. It was produced withsuccess vampobasso London, inin an Englishdress, and was given at the Theatre Lyrique,Paris, May 11,with a French text byNuitter and Beaumont.

The Altaemps collection, in theCollegio Romano, contains several impor. Adrien composedthe Hymne a la victoireon theevacuation of French territory in that year,the hymn to the martyrs for liberty, andthe music to the melodrama, Elodie ou laVierge du Monastere, by Ducange, given atthe Theatre de I’Ambigu-Coraique, G5 ; dedicated to the Countess Clari ;composed in Prague, February,andpublished in Vienna Artaria, pianofortearrangement The act closes with a vocal septet withoutaccompaniment, of which the etlect is asnovel as unforeseen.


He is the author ofa comprehensive work, ” Ecole da violin,”adojjted by the Conservatoire ; editor of acollection of violin pieces by the best com-posers of the 18th century, ” Les maltres. cinemq

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Masses for eight and twelve voices, 5 vols. He ad-vanced the study and progress of churchmusic ill his college and cathedral, con-tributing services and about fifty anthems,original and adapted from Italian compos-ers. Dugazou, Aca-demie Koyale, Oct.

On his return to Miilil-hausen he became organist of the Church ofSt. His treatise on sing-ing. Symphonymusic by Josef Haydn ; dateon autograph score, Naples indied?

This work isthe development of an older opera by thesame master, entitled L’Esclave de Ca-moens, given in Paris inand later inVienna under the title of Indra.

Dramatic composer, first in-structed in the Augustine convent at Bohm-isch-LeijJa, but at the age of fifteen msestoso, and became a pupil at the Conserva-torium, Prague, of Kittl and Tomaczek.