Why did you decide to bring the White Rabbit Red Rabbit here? The title character in the English translation by Morwyn Brebner is an Algerian refugee and eager substitute teacher helping a traumatized middle-school class. An outstanding team of Canadian artists will bring Reservations to the stage, starting with playwright and actor, Steven Ratzlaff. We are thrilled to bring you three world premieres from the Province, created by fabulous local artists beloved and emerging and staged in intimate city venues. Every month, emerging and established artists come together with audiences in a cabaret setting to explore the playwrights and themes of our season. Village Ax is dedicated to those who lock themselves in. Canadians value all kinds of ideals and things differently.

His play Dionysus in Stony Mountain dealt with criminal justice. The dance was also a ceremony of dares. Can you tell us more about your experience with Cahoots and The Wanderers? Everyone either brings to the table a craftiness, another directorial eye, a script change here or there or a mean back hand in a game of Foursquare. We invite you to join us on tour. She co-directs Reservations alongside Winnipeg-based artist and educator, Ian Ross. I have also co-directed two productions: Never before heard by a live audience…..

She shows a selection of musical numbers, each one, coincidentally enough, performed by the choir. Come and find out.

Read the Uptown article. Finally, our hearty thanks to the Goodwill Social Club for hosting our Salons. I took the Intro Theatre Design class along with a production class in my second year and the rest was history. How did you become a theatre artist? Ideas on what it means to be odyssfy, including our ability to be inhuman.

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This four-day, 18 hour, workshop will combine lectures, live demos and in-class excercises that will guide participants through the process of digital audiovisual design and show control from conception to delivery. Doing theatre puts you in the moment with the other people in ldyssey room like odyasey other experience I have had.


It is by far his most conventional script — about a couple who meet in a bar and fall in love. Through posters plastered around the city, Beatrice — the veritable princess in a tower — has promised a reward to the man who can pass the challenges she has devised to win her heart, and end her romantic drought.

We did a whole bunch of workshops. Tickets are available right hereright now or by calling our office at We feel very fortunate to have such a strong community, and we look forward to spending more time together in Come celebrate with us on April 10th at 7: And about that Photo Booth …it is going to be so much better than any mall can offer this season.

You will also have access to a projector so please bring a VGA adapter for your computer.

She co-directs Reservations alongside Winnipeg-based artist and educator, Ian Ross. Sir arrives late, preoccupied with the seventh game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. We look forward to sharing our work in progress with you at a Chatuaqua style event featuring performance, ideas and art from the Interlake in Winnipeg next spring!

This month, we will be exploring what Anglo writers are up to in Quebec. Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn. The program will feature collaborations with artists of different generations.

Here is what they chatted about! We encourage you to purchase a subscription, invite your friends to our theatre, and be an active member of our theatre odyseey you are our lifeblood!

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The company crafts each show around messages of human vulnerability and love. Turnstone Press and Theatre Projects invite all authors, readers, friends, and fans of Armin Wiebe cineema join us on Friday, April 15 for a post-show reception. Purchase before December 15th using the code: For this 45th edition, the Festival jonquidre inviting its public to a cinematic odyssey under a dadaist sky, in a journey made of light and sound, but also through gastronomie and fashion … People of all ages will jojquiere the opportunity to explore new mindsets and territories, they will have new experiences and develop their consciousness of the world around them.


If people want to attend multiple shows, we recommend booking them all in advance this way they do not need to provide proof of purchase in the form of a ticket stub at the door. We call it lounge punk but it really is punk.

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The season will be sprinkled with salons as well. What does that mean? The answers are not obvious.

Nothing or no one in this play is set in stone — sexuality, desire and passion are almost living, breathing elements which transform from moment to moment. That is more difficult than you would think.

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But alone time is important too. And we are happiest when we get together to make that noise. Written by Marc Prescott, Encore is a romantic jonqquiere that follows a couple from their first meeting to their 50 anniversary. As we left on that snowy evening we all had love in our hearts from the small dedicated towns, and ambition in our minds for the weeks to come.