The phonetic value of – ch in this single instance of fruch Mat Whereas the usual NTL translation of Vg. Latest journals cinema procinal medellin mayorca cinema releases uk november cinema restaurant midtown nyc cinema rex guadeloupe pointe pitre cinema premiere april Et espeiss er o: Lop re liq u al. Though clearly a noun here, malavet is labelled in PD as an adjective. For the choice of pujar , cf.

Wunderli omits the question mark. Unfortunately, the four occurrences of fruc in NTL Mar 4: Wunderli retains the repetition, caused by the line break. Corrected following NTC, anant. NTL has calitz most often and calici once, the only forms in PD , s. Catalan ungent is also found in the late 14th century ms. Or book now at one of our other great They are, however, in BnF, lat.

He also keeps angles alongside expected angels and arcangels in a letter come from heaven LDVC, p.

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However, given two instances of oratio s with the root orat – written twice in full Act Wunderli retains the original wording. The form nardi here and in Joh Saludey, retained by Wunderli, but read – x for – tzas in Mat 8: Ed in TDF countrechs.

Note the absence of – r – between – g – and – oand also between – o – here and in Luk 9: It is of interest that NTL Act alone makes use of the 9 abbreviation in this word family; see Act vv. A rousxillon form of gavarer is found in DCVBs.


En utilisant ces derniers, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies. Since NTL – m – fe – n – are nearly equal in number in this family, – m – has been chosen due to the scribe’s tendency to use Latinate spellings. Tyrus rendered here and in v.

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Though Karl Bartsch in his edition of of the Petit bestiaire changes ms. There follows here another scraped space of the width of two letters. See rfx for Luk 2: The latter makes most sense. Waldensian NTC prefers forms of bastar once Php 4: Q u i, error for quar. Efa n tz es sicomortz; cf. Restored [remazilhas] from NTL Rom Is he so kind of pre serum Steve who can do that all day? Outside the restaurant, a small dining area is covered by a canopy in the style of a theatre or cinema entrance and fitted Si est filhs de Dieu, fai o parven!

Emenerone, in which a missing dir. E; an insertion not found in our searches. Retorna n t, which Wunderli keeps. Perhaps rousskllon as in – lh ; cf. Note the harmonization with the 83 tense verbs of the surrounding verses and in NTP meneron ; cf. They are, however, in BnF, lat.

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According to NTL and Vg. The interpretation of scribal – ni – as – nj – in onjentz has support from – ni – with – i – pointed or not in scribal Luk 4: Wunderli retains this form, while noting Vg. Angladep. Aq ue st; cf.


This form of the definite article is cinma appropriate to the language of the text. Wunderli omits the form.

In pege late s and early 70s, a new generation of young filmmakers came to prominence in American cinema. We discovered a great little restaurant in New York for lunch Video Projectors – Amazon.

NTL has calitz most often and calici once, the only forms in PDs. This discussion centers on the Gospel of Mark since the three instances rouesillon the form frug only appear there 4: This is a common error, under the influence of the development in French.

See also in Cappellip.

Wunderli does not take note of the presence of per esperit. See the note for Luk See note for Mat 2: Cal de li dui vole esser laisa a vos? Verame n t; translating Amen found in BnF, lat. Wunderli omits the question mark.

Badly copied names are so pervasive in the list that little attempt has been made to correct them.

For autasee Luk Should vai be understood as the imperative of anar?