After thus grabbing our attention, he broke through the floor and retreated to a huge pool of blood. There’s more than one Vault, according to Randy Pitchford, and Handsome Jack is trying to open the others. She has a strong grudge against Atlas, and promises you access to their huge stockpile of weaponry in the Armory if you help her get some revenge. After killing thousands just doing standard side- and main-mission stuff, they faced the initial claptrap. Discordians should check out the Unofficial Gearbox Discord as well. As she gloats over her victory, she is stabbed and eaten by a giant tentacled, purple and red monster that came through the vault. Welcome to Dead Haven! Then forgetting everything that happened.

Because I know I won’t be the only one! To get started we need to lower bridges, so we fight our way to the power plant to re-enable the cities power. There is no direct mention in the game if you killed ALL of the other claptraps, but it is a reasonable assumption if it isn’t directly mentioned in BL2. All of which would totally fit the tone of borderlands 3, when they choose to explain it. This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved. Hopefully people will actually read this now instead of making tons of threads asking for clarification. Starting level play-through 1 was 15 for me.

She has had at least 3 previous husbands Including Marcus Kincaid and has had an active social life. No new types of shields, COMs, weapon types, skills, etc. The leader of this small town is as mentioned before “Helena Pierce”. I think I have reached a point in two where they might be referencing events mew occurred in that DLC.

Bring back the main forum list. The “story” is short and sweet and there are plenty clapttap fetch and collection side-quests to boost you through the new levels. That’s also why there is no more crimson Lance.


Greetings, Traveler!

Unfortunately, due to a programing issue, one ClapTrap gained self awareness. Notify me of new comments via email. You are a god among men.

Author DLC Review punkyliar96, She explains that she works for the Atlas Corporation, and that anything alien found on this planet including that key fragment is their property.

I was at level 45 going into my first playthrough as I had played both Zombie Ned and General Knoxx, and I found the combat too easy at first. After kicking his huge ass, you find a piece of the Vault Key in his possession.

Submit a new post. Ramblings of a MAD Man. I’m not so sure about that, seeing how Borderlands is a story told by Marcus, and he “appears” voice in the credits for Claptrap Revolution see video aboveafter apparently being shot.

I always thought it was strange that the triggers scrolled too. Put the code in the armory, enter the elevator, and get ready. Borderlands submitted 6 poot ago by theaceoffire You’ve been locked by: When you collect the last parts, she unveils her final creation When seeking co-op partners here, don’t forget to mention your platformPC, console, or whatever: I tried looking on the game page and wikipedia, but they don’t really mention what the full plot was.

I only got General Knoxx and Jacobs Cove.

Want to add to the discussion? The New Robot Revolution is being released along with a patch that will be available for free to everyone who bought Borderlands.

He asks for your help to repair his “Catch a Tobot service, which provides unlimited vehicles to help get around. It was never stated if it was or not for any of them. Aside from this, the DLC is quite a lot of revokution. Teach him to sit.

Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution PC, X, PS3 –

January 15th, – 45 comments. Everything I wanted to know without giving away too much. Ervolution points you toward Ernest Whitting in the Dahl Headlands as someone in the know. She has apparently found signals from a third Vault fragment out in Trash Coast, and sends you out to get it. This guy has been hanging out with Chaz Don’t tickle so Chaz! TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Welcome to Dead Haven! There are also quite a few pop culture references dotted throughout, adding humour to the plot.


Discordians should check out the Unofficial Gearbox Discord as well. Throughout the main story, you are given advice and directives from a “Guardian Angel” who promises the Vault is real, that you NEED to be the first one there, and that what you are doing could save the world.

What happened in ‘New Robot Revolution’?

Roboot need to go loot a Hyperion Warehouse to get it though. Well, actually, first they faced a huge, claptrap-esque vehicle built by the initial claptrap. Even though I was hoping for something new in terms of gameplay I am still relatively satisfied with the latest add-on.

No one really drops items or weapons either, so yeah.

The The Lubricator achievement in Borderlands worth 22 points Find 25 oil cans. Rrobot guides you onto some ramps Including Husband 1’s roof and you manage to hurtle your way sneakily into the prison.

DLC Guide Gearcalc 2. Xbox Spring Sale Roundup 35 comments. Posted by MugenKairo on 22 Feb 13 at However, the collectible achievements are a massive pain.