The stories of the other characters in the novel, from Coetzee’s father to the interviewees’ parents, husbands and children to the interviewees themselves, are all at least as compelling, funny, moving and full of life as Coetzee’s own. I have been through the letters and diaries. As one woman puts it, he isn’t like a real man; he’s like one of those priests who seems a perpetual boy, and then one day you find he’s suddenly become old. But it may suggest much more: Summertime is an inventive and inspired work of fiction that allows J. There are italicised notes after some entries which appear to be later comments by John Coetzee himself ‘To be expanded on’, ‘To be explored’, and so on.

John, I read this myself a few weeks ago and pretty much agree with you. I had yet to read any Hemingway in earnest and I think there is a similar essence there, a sense of things unsaid rendering the work extremely powerful. It is best, then, to simply see the character as just that and then to recognize the author as the admirable builder of character that he is. No problem”, the text, as presented to the reader, appears to be entirely verbatim, and includes presumably all the information his subjects also wish withheld or reformulated, down to the: Reading this review has brought it straight back to my mind, it seems amazingly vivid even now. The novel poses a number of stern ethical questions, such as whether it isn’t somehow immoral to be more interested in the life of Coetzee, just because he’s a famous writer, than in the life of, say, Mario Nascimento, Adriana’s husband, a refugee from Brazil who worked in Cape Town as a security guard at a warehouse until a gang of robbers smashed his face in with an axe.

He strikes his cousin as incompetent, and he strikes the reader as being mired. To express himself without words — lots and lots of words — was nearly impossible. Some of the stories are also filtered by intermediaries, as the conversation with the Brazilian-born Adriana, for example, is conducted with an interpreter though this is not immediately revealed ; elsewhere, Vincent relies cketzee “a colleague from South Africa to check that I had the Afrikaans synopsiis right”.

But that being said, he is still a very good writer with orignal ideas and ways of looking at the world and this shows up on this book too.

The synopsia is, his claim to mediocrity is proved false by his cleverness and his tremendous list of titles. Too lacking in passion. It’s no coincidence that what he thinks he recognizes as love — and what he clings to, lifelong — comes at an age when physical impossibility removes any sexual component; in adulthood, he is able and presumably eager to go through the motions to Schubert, in one particularly misguided effort but comes across as, at best They were children together, but as adults, she is uncomfortable with him like everyone else.


It’s sort of a readable, articulate book on a par with middle-grade wine, which is okay on a weekend when you’re looking for a way to pass the time. Cotzee Boyer Reinstein Library. Despite which, says the Sunday Times, the Minister in his compassion will permit the couple a thirty-day visit during which the so-called Mrs Breytenbach will be treated as a synopais person, a temporary white, an honorary white.

Lee Monks April 28, at 8: Within the novel, the opinions and synopsie of the five people are compiled and interpreted by a fictitious biographer, who also adds fragments from John Coetzee’s notebooks. His writing is dotted with sly jokes.

Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

In one instance the biographer reads back what he has made of an interview with his subject, Margot, explaining: A young English biographer is researching a book about the late South African writer John Coetzee, focusing on Coetzee i Summertime is an inventive and inspired work of fiction that allows J.

However, then the book ends in an interesting way. Nevertheless, to me he really was a fool. Coetzee uses it to come to terms with his father, his relationships with women, and South Africaand it is suggested that writing became: Coetzee’s Scenes from a Provincial Life is turning into one of the weirdest memoir projects ever. He had decided he was going to block cruel and violent impulses in every arena of his life — including his love life, I might say — and channel them into his writing, which as a consequence was going to become a sort of unending cathartic exercise.

Invited to give the Tanner Lectures at Princeton a few years earlier, he had similarly read a pair of stories – about a fictional novelist, Elizabeth Costello, giving two lectures on animal rights.

Summertime by JM Coetzee

The whole notion seems to miss the point of what Coetzee is up to in Elizabeth Costelloxoetzee to mention Slow Man and, especially, Diary of a Bad Year. This is a very elaborate game: Coetzee has used himself—or should we say a simulacrum of himself—to show that biography has a powerful a story to tell, regardless of who is hurt and whose privacy is violated.


View all 14 comments. Disgrace was summetime bit of a revelation for me.

Is there a place where you track books you are considering reviewing? An even better book by Coetzee in this reviewer’s opinion, at least is Disgracewhich won the Booker Prize summdrtime Julia was a neighbor to Coetzee and his father. When they are stranded overnight in a truck, a farmer rescues them in the morning, and she speaks Afrikaans with him.

Utterly engaging, filled with awkward intimacy and painful slip-ups, Summertime is the best book in the trilogy, the best book I’ve read in a year. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

J.M. Coetzee: Summertime | Asylum

There was just no relief, and as my fast forwarding to the end revealed, it became more bleak rather than less. Apparently this is the third of a type of trilogy. This is what it felt like to try to be a writer when hardly anything was going right. Why should I regret it? In this instance, people women, mostly are interviewed, their experience with John Coetzee explored.

Summertime by JM Coetzee: review

There is not much mentioned about his writing during these years either, except to say that he has published his first novel and is working on the second. Coetzee made me think but then left me with no answers. This article about an autobiographical novel of the s is a stub. While there are obvious similarities between the actual writer of the novel, J. On the contrary, Coetzee seems to realize that he has drawn the world to himself, and the world will find him out.

Nowhere do you get a feeling of a writer deforming his medium in order to say what has never been said before, which is to me the mark of great writing. John Coetzee is not much more effective as a family member than he is as a lover: I had hoped it would excite me for reading Summertime.

Che sia possibile, quindi, separare vita e arte? The other day a friend asked me about a book we were discussing, “But don’t you think it’s well-written? Surely he had also miscalculated how long it would take to write his books. Too cool, too neat, I would say. I quite enjoyed the total blurring.