For homework, the children have to do a project on the different human races. His endless imagination lets him combine every possible kind of graphic technique. A lunatic with a helicopter hat and a hippopotamus go on an insane space journey where they meet the most incredible creatures and objects. Get to Know Us. Speri’s narration shows a fine sensibility for the psyche of youth, their yearning for pure nature, their search for an acceptable identity. At last one clever frog invited her to turn herself into a frog and join him in the pond. The author’s debut novel for young adults skillfully employs literary devices to propel the narrative and capture the reader’s interest.

Nuove Edizioni Romane, But Isotta has a mind of her own and doesn’t let herself be used for Etrusca Cruscon’s blackmail scheme. Traditional Tales and Legends from Nigeria Milano: Italy Italian – – Detti, Ermanno text Gilda: Ahmed, and his granddad. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. While all the adults rush by blindly and have no idea that this house exists, the children ask what it is doing there. This results in young children believing they are almighty and can handle everything according to their own wishes.

Together, they overcome all difficulties and rescue Sarah. It will surely appeal to many adolescents. Nel catalogo de Il Battello a vapore si ha una sezione di collane tascabili. Lillo lives in the city and is quite happy to be in this world until one day, he makes a shocking discovery: His jumping career seems over but then, when he stands in front of a puddle and his mother encourages him to jump, his real passion surfaces again.

The pink penguin, the purple crocodile, and the bright-green cat were born in countries as far away as the South Pole, Central Africa, and a Northern city, respectively. In her well-practiced style, Pitzorno depicts the world of children through Baattello naive, but at the same time sharp and critical eyes. Lucia Scuderi reduces the story to its minimal elements.

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The eventful, exciting plot is told in a quiet voice full of emotion. He takes the reader on an enchanting walk through ocllana ancient atmosphere of its streets, in search of the city’s soul, which reveals itself colllana the intimate relationship with the sea. This novel is written in a clear, but not simple language, in which one surprise follows after the next; in addition, the publisher found it appropriate to commission one of the best English illustrators – Quentin Blake!


The pictures aptly convey the slightly surreal atmosphere of the night trip.

Nato straniero Born a stranger Firenze: La terribile storia de Nerone The terrible tale of Nero Bari: For her illustrations, Chiara Carrer uses an unusual style.

The roesa in this book recalls a real incident in Pakistan. The illustrator’s characteristic style of judicious and fascinating drawings in this book reaches a strong poetic potential. She tells Di a lot of things she would not dare tell a friend and some she might otherwise not even admit to herself.

Giulio learns not to be deceived by the fox; he learns how to swim and asks the doctor to cure his cold. The boy meets the inhabitants of the last Maya tribe.

Italy Italian – – Davico Bonino, Guido ed.

Il popolo degli oscuri: Neal Shusterman, Collana Il battello a vapore: : Books

Then, one day, the two children meet: On that rainy day, though, having missed the bus, she is late for school and almost without realising it, she finds herself in a large square in the middle of a crowd of demonstrating workers with red flags. Nevertheless, once he arrives at the front, he soon realises that there is nothing heroic about war. The expressiveness of the chalk-drawn illustrations of this small-sized board book are most impressive.

They powerfully spread themselves across the pages, just as loud disrespectful fellows should, who are used to entertaining the common people in the streets as well as the aristocrats in the theatres with their jokes and pranks. The underlying message for the young reader suggests that one should not understimate a person’s abilities to make the most of his life and talents.

Soon afterwards she presents her Daddy with a water lily.

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This excellent book stands out for the peculiar choice of style and for the quality of the graphics. Il genere spazia dal legal al thriller psicologico, all’horror alla narrativa. Blue prevails over all other colors in expressing the pervasive water of the sea that shapes the city’s identity.


Fantasy Diversity — Journey This illustrated book tells the fantastical story of a child with a passion for jumping. Because this is believed a dreadful danger for the whole people, the witch doctor decides to sacrifice the first baby to avert the terrible misfortunes that could hit the Zulus. The educational intentions of the text are well balanced with a detailed and colorful narrative which transports the reader back to the times in which he lived.

The main character is a cream-coloured mongrel puppy who tells his story in the first person. URL consultato il And where is his father? Everything’s fine — at least as long as the batteries of the organiser keep working. Among the volumes already published in this paperback series, which was initiated to acquaint young readers with tales of many different cultures, are also, for example, tales from Senegal, the Philippines, etc.

This book, a mixture of fairy tale, history and legends from Eritrea, is dedicated by the author to the children of this east African country as well as all the children who must endure the great sufferings of war. As if he was playing an important game, Nicola tries to solve the mystery and at the end he is certain: This creates quite surprising cross-sections and allows interesting comparisons.

For homework, the children have to do a project on the different human races. Tales and legends from India Milano: Fatima, the fictitious narrator, describes the brave uprising of a small group of children against their brutal employer and their escape from a horribly violent and ignorant existence.

The pictures are done with a dynamic pencil and bright watercolors to create a lively atmosphere.