They’re typically more expensive, but do they also cool better? March 5, at 3: With just a light overclock under Prime95, a gap of It needs mm fan mounts which is a little more uncommon. Since more and more cases are giving up on mm cooling solutions, and most even offer a mm in the back now, the move seems very natural, almost a shame it took this long to be honest, but all of the pieces had to fall into place for this to actually work well for a lot of users. The only things to watch out for are:

Why not the H75 or H65? Here from the side you can see the one inch thickness. Sound levels will be measured with a Reliability Direct AR sound meter from a distance of four feet away. Click here to cancel reply. Today we are going to look at the Corsair H90 which fits into the middle of the Hydro range, in a similar position to the H80i. That being said, there is only one more way to increase the performance with the latest generation of head units being used on the market, and that would be a move to a larger radiator and fan to provide more surface area for the fluid to travel through while the fan attached is cooling said liquid. It is such a low cost inclusion and will be so useful to so many people because most people that install this at the rear or top of their case will already have a mm case fan, so with an extra set of screws they can easily do push-pull, but this omission means they cannot do that.

Sound levels will be measured with a Reliability Direct Hhdro sound meter from a distance of four feet away. Today from Corsair’s Hydro Series we are going to be getting up close and personal with the H The inclusion of flexible wide rubber tubing is excellent because it allows for better flow and easier installation.

Slowly but steadily the new and mm liquid cooling kits are getting more popular often offering less noise yet more performance. Cirsair that is your best option that way you still have a top fan and the H80i comes with push pull so that will still give you good cooling performance.


Because the load is so extreme we see the temperature vary wildly from 72C to 86C in some instances. All sound measurements are recorded in the very late evening to further reduce any ambient noise. It is mm high, mm wide and 27mm thick. Radiator and fan vibration is non-existent and the included fan is actually pretty darn good for such a cost effective unit.

With every generation, there have been design improvements, thermal improvements, and various types of mounting systems to keep reviewers on their toes over the years.

Any variance greater then 0. Speak Your Mind Tell us what you’re thinking A Closer Look 3. Click here to cancel reply. Even the computer cases we use have evolved. You will need to have a mm or no fan installed in the top fan mount for this to work, if you have a mm it will have to be taken out.

Corsair Hydro Series H90 AIO CPU Cooler Review

Corsair has developed a global operations infrastructure with extensive marketing and distribution-channel relationships. The Asetek mounting kit with the Corsair H90 is very good, it gives a very firm mount and is relatively simple.

The Hydro Series H90 is Corsairs first mm Liquid Cooling solution that should be able to dissipate some impressive heat from your processor. This unit incorporates the same improved tubing we saw on the Hydroo but with a twist. March 5, at 2: The Hydro Series coolers have earned corsar top honors over the years and have expanded to cover many performance segments. The liquid cooling sets Let’s see if the past two years have done anything to change the way we feel about Corsair’s first Hydro Series H90 AIO with mm fans and Does this all translate into improved cooling?

Given the omission of LEDs the software would be almost redundant, acting as fan controlling seties, which most of us already have as it is bundled with nearly all modern motherboards. The H90 is a single mm fan based liquid cooling solution that offers cooling performance at the level of the more expensive heat-pipe coolers in terms of cooling performance, as really it b90 excellent performance for the money whilst remaining very silent.


Wow thank you for all your help. It says the top fan is mm so I was wondering if anyone knows if it would fit.

There tst also a little bit of extra height at the top and bottom where the fluid is stored and moved through so its worth making sure your case has enough room for the H So there you have it. By HardOCP on February 27, Larger fans are better cooling solutions due to those being able to push more air at slower rotating speeds.

It is also worth noting that Corsair offer a huge five year warranty with the H90, this is compared to the relatively stingy 2 year warranty offered by NZXT. The Asetek mounting kit Corsair use is tried, trusted and effective so we have no complaints there.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. So let’s have a peek at the Corsair H90 and then head onwards into the review where we’ll put it to the test with a Core i7 K processor, which we’ll overclock to see how well this cooling solution can absorb and exhaust heat. A test and review the Corsair H90 liquid cooler.

Corsair Hydro Series H90 Review | TechPowerUp

Once again we have an integrated GPU in our processor which alleviates the need for a discrete one. Performance can be seen here: With the removal of a discrete GPU comes the advantage of not having an additional variable to account for. Looking at the positives we can see that the Corsair H90 delivers very competitive performance in relation to the competition.

On the back you get some extended information on processor and socket compatibility plus a graph giving you an idea of expected performance.