But his token has much larger letters than the tok- en pictured in Atwood. For the day, a grandstand was built at 68 Street and a massive parade proceeded the turning of the earth. According to our RIPTA ejqiert Hector Turgeon, they have some of these locked away in the office, Jind he may be able to obtain a few if any more are dropped into fare boxes, Meatnwhile they are not easy to come by. One is aluminumr the other is blue anodised aluminum. Buying individual pieces or whole collections. Now is the time to place orders for use at our AVA convention in August. Plan to join us; we start at 1 p. There are two varieties of this token but unfort- unately have only one of the varieties to send you as there are not enough to go around.

You might also want to specify a minimum grade that is acceptable since Civil War tokens are graded similarly to coins. Refer to your 19? Isolated from the influences of the people they had left behind, the inhabitants of Madawaska soon developed a culture all their own. SOj quantity prices avail. The matching folio to her latest chart-topper features The result was a takeover in by Canton City Lines, Inc. Would like to trade for other hard rubber, or scarce Texas tokens; col- lect transp.

There are ttieatres, art cileries al- pine slides, gondola rides swimming pools golf courses.

But as only 25 were ever made this is one token that won’t ever be very common! Wayne or Terre touts shoulder patch for one from your area.


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We published our last Census on pages 61 i 62 of the May Fare Box, In order to continue a reasonably accurate listing In every odd-num- bered year, and to avoid a double count of the same token and a listing being dropped from the census list when not Justified, I would appreciate hearing from collectors who are new owners of census tokens as listed Inand recent ad auctions.

I would also like to hear from any of you who have more information on the W-M “D” token. We list it under Fargo, the larger of the two. Wis A is not a transportation token, but like several other tokens listed in the “Mis- cellaneous” category in the Atwood Catalogue, is transit oriented and a very attractive pictorial token.

Incidentally the manager let us have the tokens. Perfekter Notensatz mit extrem intuitiver Bedienung. Everyone on the train was transfixed by the beauty of the moment, and our sleeping cair atterdant commented, “You’ll never see anything like this on an air- plane!

A cut above the ordinary, soft-spoken, a real gentleman, Ralph remained a close friend of mine to the end. SuiteChicago, IL 1. The 2nd token is like the first but has? Garland attained international stardom as an actress in musical and dramatic roles, as serrie recording artist and on the concert stage. I hear that the two Nebraska zone checks A and C aren’t listed correctly.

Cort Guitars and Basses.

Guitare Folk Acoustique Cort Earth 70 Open

Joe Schmidt of Gilberts, lb, picked up anotlier Unidentifiedoriginally re- ported by Gene Godsoe. I am expecting my first models of the naked series last. Thompson – W. There are shops of every description from the usual tourist traps to places that sell the more esoteric. Paul Sosenko – Earthh – St. Unidentified is probably from an earlier era judging from the die work.


Box – St. It was most likely presented for service greater than 25 years, which included tenure with the BRT.

One big problem was eartb they were all bosses and no workers, at CMC. Speaking of scarce tokens founl in quantity, if you’ve read this far you have a pleasant surprise in store. John Hamilton recently acquired an interesting item.

Pink Floyd Another Brick In the Wall Pt2 Guitar Cover –

Tokens are distributed by local merchants. Old Military Tokems 1 barracks, oampacanteens.

As of rigjit now all of the members should have received their May 15 shipment, which included the audit of their accounts. Cort earth LE2 acoustic guitar demo – Duration: Our only true numismatic item of the day yes there are pinback buttons, and invitations, with tickets is a silver medal 45inm in diameter, 4mm thick. Also have sail list for large SAB. That’s all I know about timetable tokens A through G.

Order either or both from; Kenneth E. Following dinner there was a short business meeting centering mainly on the forth- coming token and medal show to r70ns held in Philadelphia.