Humor, insight, and to-the-soul fandom, as it should be! I didn’t think about that, but that’s a really lovely touch indeed. Not the one we’ve seen in the beginning! This was really an awesome series. Returned mother also probably helps. All 3 were nice to see. They also made a pun out of JSW previous roles:

I definitely mean “backbone”. They are seated together at a small table on the lawn with cake, a bottle of wine, and the model of their dream house. She wasn’t a character I ever rooted for and she was honestly very forgettable. Really thankful they seem to have gotten a good ending. Money may buy you a facsimile of it but ultimately a person has to do some real work to get a love that is lasting. I’d never seen disabled representation in kdrama that much before, so her character was quite refreshing to see. Watch ‘ Cunning Single Lady ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

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Her family and Song Hee left out of the final eps. Everything about her rubbed me the gooddraam way at the beginning and I thought she was probably obsessed with JW, which turned out to be the case. I wanted to see more development in some of the side stories, but that’s just me.

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The writers remembered the “comedy”, for the xingle part, from beginning to end and yet were funning able to give us a heartfelt story. I would still recommend this drama to my friends! Mirae’s Choice is another story – really a major disappointment. In the park, Ae-ra sees a father being cute with his kid and she remembers the way Jung-woo behaved with that kid the other day – and the conversation they had that night he found out about her miscarriage.


I think the storyline you provided made more sense because we can root for her vying for his love rather than watching her trying to make Jung-Woo fit into what her first husband was.

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She bites his hand and snaps at him to let her speak. It causes him to pause for gooddrzma long moment, and remember his time with Ae-ra. Sly and Single Again.

A problem with a drama like Sly is that it’s just so good. Back in the kitchen, Dad offers Jung-woo some sage marital advice: GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. Lee Min Jung definitely had a stand out performance and a big improvement over the last drama I watcher her in-Big.

That’s what I think too.

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Right is out there. Jung-woo calls Ae-ra later, wanting to know where she is. He’s developed a backbone and hopefully proving to the woman he loves his devotion to her. Please enter your username or email address. Select an option Spam or scam Contains hate speech or attacks an individual Violence, crime, or self-harm Nudity, pronography, or sexually explicit content. Why is there episove tent? I mean, lighthearted, ends happily, no one gets harmed eipsode the end, etc.


Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. They even had a follow-up moment in the Big Glass Elevator, but that was the end of any interaction between them. How dare she pull such a stunt.

Seunghyun was great until gooddrmaa just could not take no for an answer.

Lee Jung Gil Supporting Cast. Did you go back and check? Her story-line with the first and second male leads even followed some well-worn drama tropes, but the writers always respected her character and gave her good reasons for why she did what she did. You guys made watching this drama more enjoyable than ever. cunninb

I get why not a lot of people may have been a big fan of her character, especially towards the ending but I feel like her emotions on the show were ones that I could connect to real life. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I wonder laey was wrong with Lee MJ’s stylist. I love his looks, his moves, smile and everything about him.