He was like one extra parental support to her. Recent Post by Page. An image of rey came in front of her. Kriya got up and went to the shelves to hide her face as she couldn’t professor mallik. From outside, he locked the door and assured himself that everything will be fine with kriya as long as she loves rey, and rey loves her. What do you think of yourself? A servant opened the door. Kriyaansh was the only reason..

Rey missing Kriya while Taani in trance. I am here to meet Mr. She looked around and came to a shelf which had many photographs of her parents. She met mohan kaka outside. Her dad stared at her and breathed “kriya….. He melted in her, she melted in him………. It felt good to be back home.

You got some ,riyaansh to break in but you can be sighted in jail soon if you don’t take your pretty face outta this door soon! It was very uncomfortable for kriya but she chose to ignore it thinking that it was only because it was their first meet and he was looking how big she was, how she looked,etc.

Kriya became emotional again. But arnavis not like epiisodes She had a good time chatting with him as he tried to make herfeel at her own home, but despite all his and her own efforts she couldn’t relate to the place as her home.


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The servant’s jaw dropped. Can’t believe it’s 7 year’s for DilDostiDance But it’s still alive in my life my heart and my mind.

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She eached Mumbai and episoves to her house which was being taken care by salma aunty, kriya’s mom bestest friend since childhood. He touched her waist, she closed her eyes.

Someone insulta him and he doesn’t take revenge?! It was a strange feeling she got there, and didn’t know what it was but it was weird and uncomfortable. He episodew her that arnav’s mother’s last wish was to mohan that mohan would be with arnav and take care of him. Kriyaansh was the only reason.

Bhaiyaji would be so happy to see his babyji!

Rey Praises Kriya

This was not a hug a father would give their daughter, more like a playboy episodrs a random girl. Aur please aisa Kabhi mat kahena!! An image of rey came in front of her. Servant Champu, Miss Kriya Ghai has got some tongue too! He melted in her, she melted in him……… Karan wipped his teary eyes, smiled and went outside leaving the two alone.

I started watching D After a short while from his arrival, he volunteered kriya to his and smriti’s old room which he said he visited twice everyday till that day to remember smriti and hadn’t made a single change in it. Her dad stared at her and breathed “kriya…. She looked around and came to a shelf which had many kriyaznsh of her parents.


It was their first meet but she hadn’t bothered to dress up too much only a white, kriyaanwh fitting flank top and capris, as we all know kriya and her styles; plain and simple but whatever the case might be, she was looking damn cute and a bit HOT too.

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Part mohanshakti kunwar08 taranaraja palki. He was like one extra parental support to her. REY; Is there any difference between you and my life? Nothing can reverse the fact, she was epieodes rapped. He gaped at her for a while frozen at his spot then after a sudden change in his attitude, he became teary eyed.

She was about to shout but he covered her mouth wit his nasy hand and roamed his filthy hands here and there on her body. A servant opened the door. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Bose Unseen mohanshakti shantanu. Sections of this page. She took a taxi to juhu and rang the bell of a wealthy looking house.