Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Dan is Mapping to get to Shaper! Working towards first Shaper Kill Knack 2 Launch stream hype! Thanksgiving baking is underway! Dan plays XCOM 2: Pillars of Eternity PC – Paladin. He puts a LOT of time and energy on his channel and horror month is the summum of it!

Another work day, this time video editing while watching Dans Gaming play Metro. Black Ops 4 Call of Duty: The Witcher Tales PC -! Dan plays Elder Scrolls Legends for the first time! Sky Factory 2 Minecraft Mod. Anyone else watch Dan?

Last Day of Horror Month!!


A Road Adventure Rune Factory: Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars: New Dawn Far Cry: Get your butts ready! Kickstarters – May God Help Me.

Matching all Subs and Gift Subs today! Dan plays World of Warcraft SlowStream – http: Human Revolution Mankind Divided Tomorrow! Day 4 – PS4Pro. Dan plays Shadow Tactics: Dan plays Elder Scrolls Legends for the first time!


I’ve been a huge Silent Hill fan since the very beginning! Report from Hell Middle-earth: New Dawn PC – Anthem later this week!


Dan continues first character build ever. Wolfenstein 2 4pm Pacific! Thanks to Sony for an Advanced Copy! Dan tries Colony Survival for the first time. Zero Dawn Countdown Party! Dan makes best decks? Kingmaker Challenge Mode, Alchemist.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Dansgaming. Some Emotes I made for my Twitch Channel San Andreas First Playthrough! The Evil Within PC -!

The Lost Legacy PS4. Overwatch, Total War, T. Now I just need my shirt to arrive!

6th Annual Halloween Horror Month! !Horror !Shirt – Twitch video –

Mankind Divided Launch Party! My cats face sums up how I feel lately. Wildlands PC – Sponsored by Ubisoft. You can filter by selecting a game from the list below or search for a game, date, day or anything you like! Need to get this dansgamijg Dan’s New Release Sampler: Live PC Build today at 1pm pacific!


Every game I win, someone in chat gets a Gift Sub! The Witcher Tales PC -! PC The Witcher 3: Honor Among Thieves Sly Cooper: Currently on Rank 7 Monsters! Dan plays World of Warcraft – Tauren Warrior – http: Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft: Modding up Fallout 4 for a playthrough! Dan plays Super Mario Odyssey!

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Casual Minecraft Stream, Regular cast returns tomorrow. To me, Happy Belated Birthday, love from me. Merry Christmas Eve – Matching all subs today!

Last Stream of ! Dan learns Modded Minecraft And so 13 Days of Horror begins! Pillars of Eternity II: Necromancer – PoE 3.