The Past that Starts to take Action. Later that day, an incident occurs when the twins make an effort to seduce Shido. After a battle between the Spirit and the AST unit; those eradicate Spirits, where Shido witness his popular classmate Origami Tobiichi is a part of the AST, he meets the Ratatoskr organization on their airship, the Fraxinus , with serious Kotori the commander, and learn about the Spirits. It was an absolute pile of trash and a complete waste of my money. Everyone got a chance to shine. Retrieved March 5, Through each date, Mayuri watches over Shido as he dated each of the six girls. During the credits, it is shown that White Licorice has been returned to the AST while Origami is recovering in hospital under guard.

By doing so, he manages to fend off the Bandersnatch and rescue Tohka. Although reluctant at first, Shido understands and tells her that they have to ask first and if they won’t be allowed, she has to forget about it. Cherubim’s design seems to fit the usual description. During her time touring the school with Shido they’re followed by Origami and Tohka, but as Shido attempting to seduce Kurumi she is also attempting to do get closer to him. Life With a Spirit. The One Who Pull the Trigger.

The Signal Outbreak of War Chapter 2: The situation worsens when one of his teachers walks in on the ordeal.

With their dates occurring around the same time and their entertainment venues located rather close to each other, Ratatoskr assists Shido by teleporting him to each girl’s location while monitoring their emotional levels. She then disappears into the shadows, saying that Shido owes her yet another favor.


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Harukana Receive Ep 12… Nick on Review: Retrieved August 28, Fuma Hanran-hen Elementalors Tenchi the Movie: Finale Maid Sama!

The animation looked really pretty too I was nervous after season two. Despite his apology she still will not listen, so Shido makes his judvment to rescue Tohka alone. Oh well I’m still going to watch this because of Kurumi. After being unable to contact his sister, Shido uses his GPS to confirm that she is still within the city according to their promise. Love seeing Yamai’s date. The One Struggling Chapter 7: Retrieved December 14, Staffwith the cast and staff set to reprise their roles from the previous seasons.

It then grew a pair of wings and proceed to attack the city.

Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment Episode 1 Discussion

They are all rights reserved to their respective owners or websites. Mana and Origami had minor roles but when was their time to make their appearance it felt natural for their appearance. Cherubim’s design seems to fit the usual description. Mana kills Kurumi and explains everything to Shido. After performing a huge concert, Miku Izayoi invited Shido, Tohka and everyone for a day at a reserved indoor pool.

And since it’s not going to air over here, we have to wait for a fansub group, which could take up to another month to get a decent job done. While riding, Yoshino is given affectionate attention by Shido which frustrates Tohka causing her to collapse the road.

First Shrine Visit of the Year Chapter 2: So of course they’re going to give date services to the fans. Amidst judgmeny chaos, Shido runs into Kurumi and begs her for help. Rondo of Princesses Toradora!

August 8, 4. Is there a season 3 announced from the movie? Mother Zero Fragment Chapter 2: Date A Live S3 Episode 1: Kotori appears in her Astral Dress as the “Ifrit” flame Spirit explaining the spatial quake cancellation and fights Kurumi.


All in all, shit movie, wouldn’t recommend, I want my money back. Special A Samurai Harem: At home, Shido prepares dinner for the girls while the photo of him and Kurumi sits on his desk. Running her fingers along Shiori’s body, Miku discovers that the “she” is actually a guy, leading to her total shock and disgust.

Shido took the hit to protect Miku. The only photo she ever took was during a medical examination and believed Shido wanted a similar one, much to s chagrin. Natsumi appears judgmenh informs them that they only have 3 guesses left. Throughout the entire trip, Origami and Tohka inadvertently annoy Shido in an effort to win his affections. Click sig for n00dz! The Final Rest Chapter 4: The Three Wizard Fragment Chapter 3: For the next 30 years, smaller spatial quakes plague the world on an irregular basis.

She has like 10 minutes of screen time towards the end of the movie and from a character relationship point of view it made absolutely no sense that Shidou would actually give a single flying fuck about her.

The series premiered on January 11, Also, Miku’s opening live was great. Nightmare, Reappear Chapter 7: