June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dheivam thantha en thangai for Fans Thiny p. It aired weekly, Monday through Friday, at 7: Once he knows she is cheating, Ram asks Vanitha to come to his office terrace, and they argue. Please tell your friends and family to visit Tamilo. Seetha knows that Priya went out with Ragu by attending Ragu’s call, and she warns Priya of Ragu’s character.

Vanitha, who realizes the disappearance of Ram, doubts Seetha, and goes to her house to search for Ram. The plot revolves around cousins Seetha and Priya, who married into the Chakravarthy family. Favourite Supporting Actor Male. They are caught by Chitradevi, Seetha and the whole family. Jayakumar Nagiya Suseendaran So. Deivam Thandha En Thangai was a Tamil -dubbed serial. Chitradevi feeds payasam to Ram due to his birthday.

Vanitha calls the police to arrest Seetha. Once Seetha gets the phone, she runs away from the house, and Charan enters.

Seetha sees Ragu’s car outside of the temple, asks Ravi to come, and calls the police. After a few weeks, Charan is bailed out, and Banumathi finds a thangau match for Charan. Vanitha conspires with the tgangai, and stops the lift for a half-hour, so that she is with Ram.

Once Priya regains consciousness, she realizes that Vanitha is the one involved in this matter, and tries to escape from them to get help from the police, but is blocked by Vanitha and Ragu. Favourite Supporting Actor Male. Hot pink and black crackle nail polish.

While at the hospital, Ram recovers and recognizes Seetha and Deibam. Kalpana decides to commit suicide after learning this, and Charan meets with Kalpana to clear the misunderstanding. He switches off Banumathi’s mobile phone when he sees Seetha is trying to call her many times to explain what happened to Priya. Chitradevi goes to Vanitha’s house and forcibly brings Ram to the hospital for treatment, but Ram manages to escape with the help of Vanitha. Charan is sent to jail, and Banumathi plans to send a divorce notice to Kalpana without Charan’s knowledge.


Vanitha acts as a doctor, gives chocolate to Harini that makes her fall asleep, and tries to kidnap Ram from the hospital, but fails once Chitradevi and Sumithra arrive.

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Dragon age 2 signature edition crack If you are looking for some interesting facts or story of popular Tamil Daily Soap Opera Deivam Thandha En Thangai then just go through our page. Ram takes the pen drive from Vanitha, and examines it at a graphics center. Banumathi has the idea of kidnapping Seetha’s daughter, Harini. Vanitha is scared by Seetha’s bold reaction, and tries to separate from Ram, and to escape before Seetha catches her for the drug crime. Vanitha contrives to expel Seetha from the Chakravarthy household and bring Ram into her life again.

Seetha gets mad and shouts at Ram that she will not divorce him unless Ram agrees to undergo treatment. Seetha and Priya are married into the Chakravarthy family. He offers to release Seetha from the drug charges.

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She brings Ram to her brother’s house to celebrate the late Dinesh’s birthday, and tries to be intimate with Ram. His intention is noticed by Seetha, and she tries to save Priya from getting involved in the problem.

Ram can have the rights to the property if he stays together with Seetha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Programs broadcast by Star Vijay. It aired weekly, Monday through Friday, at 7: Ram punishes himself in front of the goddess Amman to prove that he is not guilty and that he will never marry Vanitha. Seetha meets Vanitha because she knows that Vanitha is the one making her suffer in jail. Retrieved from ” https: Vanitha moves with Ram to a new place so that Seetha and Chitradevi cannot find them.

Vanitha hires Raghu, a cousin of Priya and Seetha, to help Priya with administration studies. She shows the evidence, goes to jail with Ram, and makes him angry and have a negative opinion about Seetha. Ravi accidentally pushes Ram from the staircase, hitting Ram’s head. The series was released on 15 July on Vijay HD. Deivam Thandha Veedu takes much inspiration from its original Hindi show but with several changes to adapt to the Tamil audience.

Without another option, the Chakravarthy family agrees, and Selvamani goes to Delhi to get Seetha released.

Priya has a degree, and is a gold medalist in business administration at the district level. They are rescued by Seetha and Ravi. Ram refuses to be the managing director of their company due to his memory loss, and the Chakravathy family decides to put Seetha in that position, thandga is opposed by Priya.